s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 31

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Sound OFF!


            “Syd, baby, your mom…,” begins Mike pained and confused.  In the middle of the night, the daughters of the women of J*A*D*E*S are on his doorstep, saying they have a plan on how to rescue two dead women.

            “Dad, I know but… can you trust me?”

            “You go into a portal you didn’t create and you can die,” he states.  “You can all die,” he says directing his voice toward the other girls.  Looking at Spencer makes him shiver with memory. 

            “We won’t,” states Abby. “If we are going to die, Rylee would see it.”

            “I didn’t,” says Rylee gleefully.  “And we already cheated death once tonight.”

            “Amy and Emma are on their way and Darci will be here in the morning, they will take you back to Haven Island,” says Mike.

            “Did you know about me?” Spencer asks Mike suddenly.

            Mike shakes his head.  “No.”

            “My mom’s alive,” says Spencer.  “I can prove it.”

            “How?” asks Abby.

            “The book, Garret’s book, the page where there is a star drawn, it’s not about them, it’s about us,” states Spencer.  “We’re STARS and you know that – and you know that the bringers of the five play a role in the Apocalypse that he predicted.  So the bringers they are our moms.”

            “That’s it,” says Tegan.  “That thing, that passage, Rylee what is it?”

            “Two come back – one leaves – bullet in the sky – mission and vision,” says Rylee.  “Two come… It has a star drawn in the book, with the infinity symbol at the point of each point of the star.”

            “Mom and Jo,” says Sydney.  “Tell Natalie to bring the book, Dad, if there is a chance…”

            Mike rubs his eyes, he’d often wondered why Shelby hadn’t simply opened a portal and gotten to safe ground.  Then again, she’d seeing things and might not have been able too. “Bullet in the sky?”

            “The tear, it looks like a bullet,” lies Spencer.  Her face is too serious, and Tegan shoots a look at Rylee who is staring hard at Spencer.  Tegan grimaces, Spencer is lying, but why?

            Rylee looks at her oddly.  Spencer glances away hating that she doesn’t feel she can tell them what she thinks is going on. 

            What did Spencer know? thinks Rylee. 

            “We are going in,” says Sydney. 

            Mike groans, he isn’t going to have a say in this, is he?


            Spencer, Sydney and Amy stand at the edge of the cliff.  Tegan, Abby, Rylee, Mike, Darci, and Emma are farther back, Natalie is off to the side of the trio at the cliff.

            “I still think…,” begins Natalie.

            “Don’t care what you think,” snaps Spencer.  The animosity between them is lessening, but right now, Spencer isn’t going to give in, not one inch.  “We didn’t ask you to come here, Summers.”

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