s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 59

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So I have finals this week (actually tomorrow) and I have a paper to write - so this MUST tide you all over for a while, deal?  Good!  Thank you everyone for voting and fanning, totally cool :)

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            “I really wish you could teleport people,” says Jo taking her shoes off and stringing them around her neck.  “Why don’t you go to the island?”

            “I really wish you could cast a spell to send us to the island, what good will I do there alone?  Mmm?” says Shelby in a snide tone.  “Never mattered that I couldn’t teleport people before.  Just because my daughter has the better power you don’t have to get all pissy with me, Jo!”

            “Um, we could call Natalie and she could make your daughter come get us?” suggests Darci.  She squints into the sun then looks at Jo.

            “Brilliant,” says Jo.  “We have to go back to the club then, because cell phones don’t work here!” She starts to stomp back towards the club that is located on the other side of the island. 

            “It was your bright idea to make this place exclusive,” says Amy.  She bends down to remove her shoes and before she can right herself, Jo shoves her into the sand.  “Bitch.”

            “Oui.  Can we keep the back handed comments to a minimum?  Merci.”

            Emma laughs.  She sits down and extends her legs.  Darci collapses next to her and Shelby follows suit.  “Look, if we get there today, or tomorrow, we still have to recreate the spell Natalie cast, right?”

            Jo nods.  She hunches down and picks up a handful of sand.  “She’ll be there, with Quinn.”

            “That doesn’t seem to worry you,” says Shelby.  “I would have thought it would send you into a world of panic.”

            “It doesn’t,” says Jo.  She runs her tongue over her fangs and thinks about what she is about to say.  “Because the Quinn in that reality is, well, the ying of Susan’s yang.  Susan was soulless, the other Quinn, well, she isn’t.”

            “Are you telling me she was one of the good guys?” blurts out Darci.  Jo nods.  Darci’s face grows serious again.  “You – you remember, don’t you?  After all this time you remember your other life.”

            Jo looks up, pushing her sunglasses up onto her head.  “I do.”

            “You know who her father is, don’t you?” asks Amy.  Amy eases forward and gazes at Jo’s face, her lips are in a tough straight line. 

            Jo smiles, nods, and then says, “I do.  His name was Andrew.”

            “We got that much with Spencer’s last name,” says Shelby.  She lies down on the sand, spreading her arms and making a sand angel. 

            Jo contemplates her next confession, is this the right time?  Well, when will the right time be?  Jo takes a long breath, bites her lips and decides that there is no time like the present.

            “Andrew Astin,” says Jo.  She casts a look at Amy, whose face grows waxen. 

            “W-w-w-what?” says Amy.  She stands, loses her balance and crashes down onto the sand again.  It’s as if her knees are sponges and can’t hold her weight.

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