s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 108

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And so s*t*a*r*s is still #1 on the Thriller list!  And so, you, the loyal readers, get another installment. There is no cuddle time in this one: right to the action (read closely!)


             Spencer sits in the area behind the library, books open around her as she pours over information.  She has no proof that the DarkHeart is what she thinks it is.  She needs the background on this DarkHeart curse.  How Jo came into contact with it, how it came into being, where it came from, but there is nothing here.  No matter what it is, she wants to know what it will do to them now that it is activated.  How will they change?  Will they change?  She doesn’t know.  For the first time in a very long time she’s afraid.

             She feels someone’s energy behind her and she knows who it is.  She turns and looks over her shoulder.  “What are you doing?” asks Abby.

             “Reading,” answers Spencer truthfully.  “I’m just reading.  Dathan has been doing a great job of translating this stuff.  But I prefer the paper to the PDF, less chance of me frying a computer.” 

             Abby nods and sits down next to Spencer.  Spencer realizes it’s closer than she usually sits next to anyone.  “It’s amazing really, how most of this,” she says waving her hand to indicate the books, “ended up fostering the stories in the Bible and how, well, it’s all fiction.”

             “This is fiction?” asks Spencer.  She taps the book she is reading, an original journal of Susan’s. 

             Abby shakes her head.  “No, I mean the bible.  Iesous, or Jesus, was a god.  If you look back he could have been a god of Olympus.  He could do things but he never had a chance to really organize, did he?  Imagine what he could do now?  Hell, one Facebook profile and he could start a real change.”

             Spencer leans back and regards Abby with a curious look.  “He wanted to conquer and rule the world, Abs.  He wanted slaves and followers and wanted Dathan and his kin to be the gods of the earth.  How is that good?”

             “That’s what Judas says, what everyone who followed Judas says.  What about his story” asks Abby?  “I want to know what he wanted, where are his journals?  Did he have any?”

             Spencer spins the ring of bonding on her finger and says nothing.  The stone.  The stone that they’d been looking for, would that hold the key to his soul?  Would it bring the slivers of his soul together?  Spencer closes her eyes and wishes for answers.

             “I don’t know I’ve never seen any of his writings,” says Spencer.  “We could ask Nat or Dathan.”

             Abby nods.  Her hazel eyes twinkle.  “We are of gods, Spence, remember that.  Each time we use our powers we are gods.”  She stands up and runs her hand up Spencer’s arm.  “Come up to bed, even if you are the energizer bunny you need to sleep.”

             “I’m going to put this stuff away, I’ll be there in a few,” whispers Spencer.  Abby’s touch electrifies her, her fingers flit around her ear and Spencer stops breathing.

             Abby leaves the room, her form melding through the wall and Spencer shivers. 



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