s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 145

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s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 145


Quinn, Jo, Amy, Natalie and Dathan are gathered in the dungeon, waiting on Shelby to escort Eden down stairs.

“How are you feeling?” asks Jo as she assembles the information that had been in the FBI room only hours before.Tonight they would teleport it back in and start the official investigation.

Quinn shrugs.“Fine I guess.” She casts an odd look towards Natalie.“Do we have to have her here with us?”

“Stop it,” orders Jo.“Different realm, different people.I know it’s hard to get used to but Nat’s not Natasha.”

Quinn frowns, the expression making her look much older.Her ebony eyes scan Natalie, who is gathering more pictures and pinning them up on the fifth board.“Jo, do you have objects of these women?” asks Natalie, pointing.

“No, those are the out of town ones.I could maybe get some.”

“No need, unless you want Sydney to see if they were soul mates,” says Natalie.“Is that like Doyle’s remote view thing?She just can remote view, well, soul mates?”

Amy sits at a table, calls for a pen.“She only started seeing it when she got her own soul mate.”

“This soul mate thing is messing with my child,” grumbles Jo.

“You’ll have to let her free reign on who to choose, Jo,” says Quinn.She adds some pictures onto another pile.

Dathan’s light colored eyes scan the boards, one after the other.“There is a pattern here.”

“Where?” asks Jo, her head snapping up.

“Other than the obvious lesbians who look like Jo and Amy pattern?” asks Quinn.Dathan turns and looks at her and Quinn only smiles brightly.“I mean we all see that pattern, don’t we?”

“You are vastly different than the sister I knew.”

“I’m still Quinn, just not a tricked out version that wants people dead.And I have a sense of humor,” says Quinn.“You should see Felix and I banter sometimes.”She stands next to Dathan; both hold themselves in the same manner, back straight, arms behind the small of their backs.Vastly different eyes scanning the boards.

“I appreciate a good sense of humor,” says Eden from the doorway.

Dathan and Quinn turn in synch to see Eden standing there, her dark eyes find Quinn’s, then Dathan’s.

“One of my favorite things to do is play practical jokes on Dathan, the more elaborate the better,” says Quinn.She slips her hands into her pockets.“You are usually my co-conspirator in them.”

Eden smiles.“I am?”

“Oh yeah, two years ago we rigged his car to switch from reverse to forward, on a remote, one that you gleefully pushed the button too.It took him fifty minutes to get out of his parking spot.”

“Honestly? What fun would that have been?” asks Dathan in a scandalized tone.

Eden’s lips quirk into a smile.“I’m imagining a lot of fun.”

“I know that the version of me here was,” Quinn pauses, “evil.But I’m not.That might take some getting used to, as it will take me some time to get used to the fact that Natasha Summers, or rather, Natalie, is not a spell casting bitch here.”

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