s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 48

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This is so short I have to post it :)



            “There are twelve original gods – when my father had children, he had 13 sets of twins,” says Dathan.  They are all sitting by the large fireplace in Natalie’s chambers.  Jayden is sitting close to Natalie, watching her expressions.

            Tegan is leaning on Spencer, who is sitting next to Rylee, but Rylee seems to be making sure that Spencer doesn’t touch her.  Sydney and Abby are sprawled on the floor, listening with rapt attention.

            “So, he is a Greek god, Iesous?” asks Spencer.

            “I know not.  I know that he is immortal that he was born in the time of the gods and that as the world changed, he did also.  He had the five Originals with him at all times.  He and my mother wore the Bands until my mother died.  The band should have kept her alive, but I fear she was tired of life and removed it, wanting her mortal death.  She was, as you are, gifted.  There are 13 boys and 13 girls, each set of twins with each sex,” says Dathan.

            “Like Jo and Chris,” whispers Spencer.  She searches the achieves of her mind to think of other stories with boy and girl twins.  There are many.

            “And DJ and I,” says Jayden.  She pulls her knees in close to her chest.  Natalie reaches out, touching her shoulder gently. 

            “What happened to DJ?” asks Abby.  “I remember something about him, but I can’t place it, a funeral?”

            Jayden pales.  “He was – killed.  He killed our mother and then I killed him.  We were ten.  He would go into rages, pure anger, but he had no powers.  I had been changing my hair color and eye color since I was months old.  He hated me for being special, but he wanted Kate dead and started with her,” says Jayden, wiping a tear from her now brown eyes.  Natalie reaches over again, touches her hand then draws away. 

            “It’s okay,” whispers Natalie.

            “So these objects, why are we finding them?” asks Tegan again.

            “To make sure that no one gets their hands on them,” says Sydney.  “If I’m thinking correctly, each of us has claim to an object, right?”

            Dathan smiles.  “In theory.”

            “How many of you are there left, the immortals that were born three thousand years ago?” asks Rylee.

            “There are eight immortal.  I know where two others are.  Felix and Eden. Chloe and Tirzah have gone mad and live away from the world, if there is a death for us, that is it.  Keziah, Leah and Sara are missing from life as well, though, I do think I have seen a glimpse of my red headed sister, Leah at times.  We live in society but apart from it as well.  Those like Quinn, they grew strong with the strife that life bled into the world, and fed off that energy,” explains Dathan.  “It is another form of immortality.”

            Spencer’s head snaps up at the word feed and energy.  Tegan sees her face pale.

            “We know that feeling, living apart from the world,” says Sydney.  “How do we know we can trust you?”

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