s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 143

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Here is the FUN part - I know all of you are s*t*a*r*s addicts - , I get it, you all want to know if Spencer and Sydney sleep together, you all want to know about Quinn, you have a NEED to know if, well, what is going to happen - SO! The 1st two readers to tell me the 3 following things, get an extra s*t*a*r*s chapter: (I can be in a day or in a month!) What does Digg's drive? What is Erin's mother's name? What kind of dog is Einstein? This would mean extra s*t*a*r*s installments, AND you get to read an absolutely fabulous book!


Emma herds everyone back to her house, leaving Jo, Amy, Quinn and Spencer at the beach house. She promises to fill Abby, Dathan and Darci on what is going on. Once they find Natalie and Jayden, Emma would do the same. Sydney promises to fill Mike and Shelby in on the weird goings-on.

Spencer says good night to them all and heads to her room before they pile into cabs and head off to Emma and Mario’s. Jo throws a look to Amy and points to Spencer’s closed door. Amy shrugs. They are all tired and Quinn, while filled with energy from Spencer, states she needs sleep.

“You can have my room,” says Spencer, having changed into shorts and a tee shirt. “I’m going for a run.”

“Don’t you need rest?” asks Jo.

Spencer shakes her head and is out the front door before anyone can ask her anything more. Quinn raises and eyebrow. “What is that all about?”

Jo collapses on the couch. Her elbows on her knees, cradling her head, she hates how this is effecting Spencer. “Sydney Doyle is a Wheaton…”

“Yes,” says Quinn.

“You knew?” say Jo and Amy in unison.

Quinn grimaces and sits on the chair across from Jo. “Yes, I knew. Didn’t you? Jon never told any of you?”

“No, he kept it a secret,” says Amy. “Sydney had HIV and she took Jayden’s eternal blood to cure it, so now, she’s part eternal, part talent.”

Quinn narrows her coal black eyes. “She’s found a soul mate?”

Jo nods. “In Spencer.”

“They are cousins!” roars Quinn.

“Pretty diluted cousins, Sean and Jonathan didn’t share the same mother. Spencer’s Wheaton DNA is from another reality where things might have been different, but – we know how twisted it sounds.”

Quinn muses for a moment, “Not as odd as one might think, many in the Royal classes wed their cousins, even had children with their siblings.”

Both Amy and Jo shake their heads. “You sound just like Dathan,” says Amy.

Quinn smiles. “He taught me well. I am going to rest; will you be able to fix the damage? I’m sorry about that, by the way.”

Jo looks up and sighs. “I’ll see if Abby wants to come play leggos later,” says Jo.

Quinn laughs and rises, as she does, she goes to Jo, leans down and kisses her forehead. “You get some rest too; we have a big day later. Time to go hunting like you’ve never hunted before. Your time hunting the Kindred humans was nothing compared to what we are about undertake. Keziah is old and that means even though he is crazy, he’s also brilliant.”

“Sleep well,” says Jo with a heated sigh, watching her go into Spencer’s bedroom.

“Wow,” says Amy. “I’ve been saying that a lot today.”

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