s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 163

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s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 163



            Abby walks with Liam towards the car parked in the driveway.  His father, Connor is sitting in the driver’s seat.  “Hi Mr. Stone,” says Abby, waving.

            “Hi, Abby,” says Connor.  He gets out of the car and smiles at them.  “Liam, you could have stayed if you’d wanted too.”

            Liam blushes, even in the darkness Abby can see the blush.  “No, I should go home.”

            “It’s summer, and you are in a house filled with FBI agents, private investigators and people I trust,” says Connor.  His blue eyes match his sons.  “You just had to ask.”

            “Oh,” says Liam in a small voice.  “I’m just so used…”

            “I know,” says Connor.  “I do want you to have a childhood, or some reckless teenage years.” 

            Seth, a short younger man, who wears glasses and has the oddest collection of shirts that Abby has ever laid eyes on leans over and peeks out of the driver’s side window.  “Liam, your dad and I can go catch a bite to eat and we can pick you up later if that’s what you want?”

            “No, I should go home.”  He smiles awkwardly and kisses Abby’s cheek quickly. 

            “Give me a few minutes, I want to go talk to Jo,” says Connor. 

            “Oh, yeah, sure.  I can show you the way,” says Liam.

            “No need, I know the way,” says Connor, he claps a hand on Liam’s shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze.  “Be back, Seth.”

            “Not too much shop talk,” says Seth.  He then says to Liam in a whisper.  “That man lives and breathes chasing people.”

            Liam smiles sheepishly.  “He’s good at it.”

            “Damn right he is.  He’s a good cook, too.”

            “What do you do, Seth?” asks Abby.  She leans on the car and Liam shuffles his feet, uncomfortably. 

            “I’m a comic book illustrator,” says Seth.

            “Shut the front door!” exclaims Abby.  “As if?  I love comics.”

            “You like comic books?” asks Liam his eyes wide, something he hadn’t known about his girlfriend.

            “Love.  Them,” says Abby seriously.  “I can talk X-men and Spider-man with the best of them.”

            “Liam, why haven’t we had Abby over for dinner?” asks Seth seriously.  “I make a mean meal, and a wonderful chocolate lava cake.”

            “Yeah, Liam, why haven’t you invited me over for chocolate?” asks Abby with a broad grin.  “Um, I mean for dinner.”

            “I don’t know,” says Liam.  “We are always – busy.”

            “We can get unbusy –it’s chocolate, Liam!  School starts in a few weeks, and before that we have this huge event to go to, a movie premiere, so we need to do this,” says Abby.  “Soon.”

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