s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 29

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it's not very long - but, well, filled with info :)

And remember: Nothing is ever easy


            Tegan is dancing with one of the older Jades boys when the whole building rocks, throwing everyone to the ground.  She had wanted to find Matt, but then she thinks it is more fun to see what will happen. Perhaps he’d seek her out.   “We should never have a dance again,” mumbles Tegan.  She gets up, brushing off the dust from her jeans.  Instantly, she slows time, leaving only a handful of people able to respond to the sudden earthquake.

            “What is that!” calls out Sydney as she steps over someone who is still sprawled on the floor.

            “No clue.  Where are Spencer and Ry?” asks Abby.

            “Gone, Rylee is freaked about the whole touching….,” begins Sydney.

            “Oh crap!” roars Tegan, dashing towards the door, the other two girls hot on her heels.  Natalie Summers is coming around the corner when they reach the door leading to the quad.

            “Who did that?” asks Natalie in an accusing tone.

            “Guess,” says Tegan.

            “Spencer,” sighs Natalie. 

            “You need to help those two deal with this,” says Abby.  “You’re supposed to be helping us get a handle on our powers.”

            “I can only do what Spencer allows me to do,” says Natalie rushing towards where the blast has come from.  “I can’t force her to practice or to make her listen to me.  You’ve met Spencer, she’s stubborn.”  Just like her mother, thinks Natalie.


            Rylee groans, she opens her hazel eyes, seeing the stars blaze before them.  Happy to still be alive, but not sure what happened other than the fact that Spencer might have blown half of the island into the ocean.  She reaches up and touches her lips, finding they are still tingling, every single inch of her tingles. 

            “Rylee!” calls out Tegan, the first to reach Rylee.  “Are you okay?”

            Rylee sits up, grimacing at the pain that resonates everywhere under the electric zipping that is roaring around in her veins.  “It hurts like a bastard.”  But, it is worth it, thinks Rylee.

            “Where is Spencer?” asks Natalie.

            “She is….was… here…,” says Rylee struggling to get to her feet.  Abby helps her.  They all look around, and Spencer is nowhere near them.


            Spencer groans, her vision in full-blown overload, everything is a vivid array of techno-colors, forcing her to squint.  She feels the ground fading under her, shifting, then her body comes back to her as some of the plant life revitalizes her.  She stares down at her hand that is firmly planted on the ground and it flickers, fading in and out then she solidifies again. 

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