s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 80

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            “I want to know WHY you didn’t tell me about this!” demands Natalie. 

            “You said they were going camping!  I didn’t know they were going to MAINE!” yells back Jayden.  Hands on her hips.  “This is not my fault.  You never told me!  You need to trust me more, I’m not a kid, damn it!”

            “You’re not much older than they are,” snaps Natalie.  She paces away from Jayden, not able to look at her.

            “You listen to me, you don’t know everything, Natalie Summers.  There are facets of the Kindred that you have no idea about.  And visa versa.  Stop acting like a child and let’s get to Maine and find those girls.  Natalie, I’m sorry that you don’t know what the Legacy is, but now isn’t the time,” says Jayden.  She calms herself, thinking of Spencer and of the other girls.  “Can we fight another time?”

            “What kind of danger are they in?” asks Natalie.  She spreads out a map of Maine, and Jayden smoothes it out, her fingers avoid Natalie’s.  “Jayden?”

            “If they drink the water they have no powers.  The Legacy has a tunnel that brings drinking water to the hotel almost 200 miles away.  We used it to negate the powers of anyone who stays there.  Don’t look at me like that,’ says Jayden.

            “WE?” demands Natalie. 

            Jayden smiles.  “Jo isn’t the only one with secrets.  Judas let me stay at the Legacy sometimes, someone was after me and I didn’t want to bring the heat down on anyone.  Can you set up a port station at the hotel?” Jayden points to an area on the map.

            “I can, but why aren’t we going to the woods?”

            “Because that is magic and we can’t use it there, I don’t think it will work.  The ground also acts as a siphon for powers,” says Jayden with a smile, “there is someone at the hotel that can get us right to them, his name is Hue, and it’s his tunnels, and his mate can get us right up to wherever they are.  He’ll know where they are.  His mate likes energy too.”


            “Hue is an alien,” says Jayden.  “I’ll explain another time, Nat, I promise.”

            “What do we need?” asks Natalie.  She exits the office through the holographic door. 

            “As far as I know, we need us.  We can use the Hue tunnel to the hotel and get home from there.  If anything is happening that is,” says Jayden.

            “They didn’t answer the phone.”

            “Maybe they are all sharing sleeping bags?” offers Jayden.

            Natalie turns and slaps Jayden’s arm playfully.  “That isn’t remotely funny.”

            “The look on your face will be if they are all in the tent naked, I’d pay to see that.”

            “I hate you sometimes,” says Natalie.  She stomps out of the room, going to change out of her PJ’s into warm clothes.  She’s going to a Kindred hotel, with Jayden Wheaton.  Lord help her.

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