s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 166

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s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 166



            Jo stretches out on the bed, Amy next to her.  Unbeknownst to anyone, Jo hasn’t been sleeping much; she hasn’t been sleeping at all.  “Can you imagine having a kid and not having to change diapers?”

            “Do you want another kid?” asks Amy. 

            Twilight is cresting outside in Maine, and everyone is at the Legacy.  Darci’s baby boy, not a baby anymore, Trystin was in a room with Darci, Dathan, and Abby.  He hadn’t uttered words yet, but he could understand.  He nods and smiles.  The new family is learning as much as they can about him and him about the world around them. 

            “No, I don’t want another kid,” says Jo with a rancorous laugh.  “I was just thinking that was the worst part of having kids.”

            “You never changed Spencer’s diaper,” says Amy.  “Natalie and Jon did that, remember?”

            “I did change Rylee’s, and Tegan’s, and Sydney’s and Abby’s.  So I do have experience in that department – and I hated that department.”

            “Yeah, I remember that,” says Amy.  “Are you sure you are okay?”

            “He grew so fast we don’t have anything to base what is going on.”

            “If we could find Remmiah we would,” says Amy.

            “Find Remmiah, find Keziah, find them all,” whispers Jo.  Her voice tired.

            Amy rolls over on her side and cuddles against Jo. 

            “No babies?”

            “No,” says Jo.  “No babies.”

            “Thank god.”

            Jo smiles into the kiss that Amy places on her lips.  “We can always practice though,” giggles Amy.

            “Tomorrow, I think I need sleep.”



            Natalie, Emma, Jayden, Mario, Shelby, Mike, Quinn and Sean are having a late meal in the dining hall.  Natalie foregoes the fork and eats with her fingers.  “This is so good,” says Natalie through a mouthful of food. 

            Jayden rolls her eyes.  “Dad are you feeling okay?”

            Sean nods.  His eyes flicker to Quinn and she pales.  “I’m – I’m fine.”

            “Lie,” mutters Mike.  “What’s going on?”

            Sean shifts in his seat. 

            “I’ll tell them,” says Quinn.  She sets her fork down. “Sean is…”

            Sean puts his hand on her arm.  “I wanted to tell you and Jo at the same time,” says Sean to Jayden.  “But since she seemed exhausted, I don’t think she’s sleeping much, I guess I’ll tell you first.”

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