s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 167

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s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 167



            Amy had woken up to find Jo gone, but she finds her sitting at the end of the pier at the end of the long rickety staircase that leads to the ocean, she’s staring out into the turbulent grey water. She closes her eyes, wondering if the lead she has is right, it couldn’t be, could it?  Could what Connor had found be correct?  That this killer was done?  Kaiser had sent a plethora of research and charts stating that the cycle was done, at least for a few years.  Or was it more sinister than that.  It’s too much for Jo’s mind to accept, it’s something more, she can feel it but she just can’t get a handle on it. Yet.

            “Fate fights to right it’s self Jo,” Amy says from behind her, and Jo looks up, meeting her love’s green gaze. She could fall into that gaze and live there forever and a day, she touches her cheek, the warmth making her feel safe.

            “Yeah, well this time, it’s in for a fight,” says Jo.  Amy moves behind her and sits, putting her arms around Jo.

            “You and the water...” Amy says and Jo leans back into her, feeling the sweet hug of her arms around her. “Too bad it wasn’t raining, I do my best thinking in the rain, you know?” says Jo.   

            “How? How could we not have seen this coming? How? Fuck...  Thank god she’s okay.  Thank god that she’s not dead, like Sam,” Jo says with anger, eyes downcast and Amy puts her chin in Jo’s shoulder, kissing her cheek.

            “Jo, we didn’t do this. We got pulled into this, we are not the enemy, and you didn’t do this. It was never our fight; we are just observers that are now in the story, but not writing it.  Darci makes her own choices, we all make our own choices but you’re right.  We are lucky she’s fine.  She could have ended up like Ana,” says Amy. 

Jo shakes her head.

“Why is it after over twenty years at this stuff we still don’t know everything?”” Jo says through clenched teeth. 

Amy plays in her lover’s hair, pulling at the thick mane that sits atop of Jo’s head.

“When did you last sleep?” Amy asks.  “And I mean really sleep not this nap thing?”

Jo sighs, looking at her watch. She sees the date, then blinks innocently. She knows this is going to piss off her love and she says in a soft careful voice.

“That depends...” Jo says, and her accent thickens.

“On what?” Amy asks.

Jo turns her head, her eyes meeting Amy’s. Amy’s eyes narrows and Jo says in her innocent child like voice.

“On what day it is.”


Trystin ceases to grow, but his intelligence moves in tiers, in a few days he is talking and in a month he is reading anything they set before him.  Dathan sets about teaching him languages and Darci wants to work with him on sciences. 

“Can we remember that he’s ten?” asks Abby as she packs her things.  They are moving into their dorm room early.  Since in two days they will be at the premiere and Spencer and Sydney will be playing to a packed crowd of Hollywood’s most elite. 

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