s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 70

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            Sydney hoists her bag out of the back of the car and fishes out the sleeping bag.  “Do you think I should jump the stuff first then the girls?” asks Sydney.

            “I have no idea,” says Shelby.  She exits the car and slips the keys into her pocket.  Mike closes the trunk.  “I think you should take a plane.”

            “God, what a waste,” snorts Sydney.  “I can’t bring my guitar, I will not lug it around.  Spencer might though, she doesn’t get tired.”

            “Ever?” asks Mike.  His face screws into an odd face half smirk half amazement. 

            “Nope,” smiles Sydney.  “Energy, remember?  She wanted to learn to play the bass and poof, she played it.””

            “Jo could pick stuff like that up all the time,” says Mike.  “It was a vampire thing, but she’s not a vampire, but, well you know, it was a Jo thing.  You have to explain that whole bloodline thing again, Shelb.”

            Sydney slips her cell phone from her pocket and smiles, she stops and taps out a message.  “Is that Danny?” asks Shelby.

            “Yeah,” says Shelby. 

            “When do we get to meet him?” asks Mike.  His green eyes are serious.

            Sydney looks over at him, “Never.”

            “First parents weekend of the semester,” corrects Mike.

            Sydney purses her lips.  “Okay.”

            Mike swings and easy arm over his daughter’s shoulder and kisses the top of her head.  “That’s my girl.”




            “I sort of want to go,” says Jayden.  She slips onto the tall bench next to the kitchen island, she realizes that she’s missed the majority of her childhood and she yearns for it sometimes.

            “Really?” asks Natalie.  “In the woods.  Fishing for food?  Flies?  Ew.”

            Jayden laughs.  She places the five bracelets on the gleaming marble countertop, simple black leather ropes.  They are binding bracelets but something that can easily be taken off.  “I don’t know, the fresh air, the friends, sharing sleeping bags…”

            “What?” asks Natalie, dropping the cup of coffee she is holding, but she catches it before it completely slips her grasp.

            Jayden laughs and pulls her eyes away from Natalie.  “I’m just kidding.  Well, maybe not so much but the girls won’t share sleeping bags, but it’s something that I’d like to do, with – someone.”

            Natalie coughs and clears her throat.  “That’s good to know.”

            Jayden blushes.  She closes her eyes.  “I didn’t mean you and I, I just meant in general.”

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