s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 40

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            Jo had returned from her succubus excursion no worse for wear.  Spencer hadn’t called, but Natalie had.  A few weeks have passed and Natalie is sure that Spencer is starting to warm up.  It feels hopeless but Jo isn’t one to give up.  She is at Cedars in LA, with a new friend, Nina.  They had been in the middle of a meeting when she’d been called to go to the hospital, her daughter had been hurt.  Jo offered to drive her and she’d accepted.  They walk into the ER to meet a circus, a true, full-blown frenzy of activity.

“Is half of WeHo here?” asks Alysse loudly as she, Julie Reno, who works for Jo, and Sam Vance, a doctor who Jo has met several times, move into the hospital ER.  People in scrubs moves around them as if they aren’t there, and Sam isn’t bleeding all over her shirt.  The tomboy laughs at Alysse’s antics.  There is nothing that Alysse doesn’t have a comeback for.  Jo delves quickly into each person’s mind just to get a glimpse of what is going on. 

            In the far corner, near one of the curtained off areas, Nina stands with Jo Wheaton, speaking in hushed voices to Dr. Darci Haim.  Nina swings around when she hears Alysse’s voice, her red eyes find Alysse instantly.


            A flood of information splatters Jo.  All these women are lesbians and all of them know one another.  Jo rubs her temple, trying to assimilate all the information.  Alysse is a journalist.  Julie works for Jo.  Sam Vance is a photographer and a doctor. 

            “Al,” whispers Nina.  Alysse excuses herself from Sam and Julie.  “Who is your new friend.” 

“Hi, I’m Julie Reno.  Hey boss,” says Julie, waving to Jo, who nods.

            “Boss?” says both Nina and Alysse simultaneously.  Spinning around to face the cute tomboy.  Jo’s hands are in her pockets, Darci excuses herself as she is given Sam’s chart.  Jo waits until Darci is gone before answering.  Nina’s hands are crossed across her chest, and Alysse with her hand on her hips.  Julie just stands there, looking around, keeping tabs on everything that is going on.

            “Julie works for my P.I. firm, what are you doing here, Reno?” asks Jo, watching Darci move over to Sam Vance.  Who is holding a jacket over her hands, Jo leans around Alysse and watches as Sam speaks to Darci.  “Reno?”

            “Yeah?” says Julie with a smile on her lips, sharp eyes twinkling.  Seeing her boss instantly accessing the situation.

            “Why is Sam Vance handcuffed?” asks Jo in her French tainted voice.

            “The bumbling blonde did it,” says Julie, pointing to Alysse with her thumb.

            “Bumbling?  Well, at least you didn’t call me a bimbo!” snorts Alysse.

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