s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 36

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So, someone took advantage of my generosity! 



            “It’s crazy,” states Rylee.

            “It will work,” says Tegan softly.

            “You heard them,” says Spencer.

            “We’ll be in over our heads,” says Abby.

            “I think it will be fun,” says Sydney.

            It is weeks after Jo and Shelby had been discovered to be alive and the girls of s*t*a*r*s are planning on sneaking out for the night.  Shelby’s cover story had been she had lost her memory and had been living on a small island (one that Jo owned, much to the chagrin of Amy).  Jo had simply flown into the US with her out dated passport, since no body had ever been found, there was no disputing anything. 

            “But to my mother’s club?” says Spencer.  She groans at the thought.  They all seemed to forget that is she was in a crowd of people her powers were apt to ebb out of her control. 

            “They’ll never suspect,” says Tegan.  She thinks of Matt, inviting him out, pulling him out of his shell.

            “Have you met my mother?” asks Rylee.  “Hello, she’s little miss I can see the future.”

            “So can you,” says Abby.  She smiles a reminder.

            “I’m not up for this,” says Spencer.  “What if she’s there?”

            “She’s not, she’s at the island,” reminds Rylee.  “They won’t find out.”

            Tegan has a mischievous smile plastered on her lips.  “We can go have some fun, let loose?”

            They are camping in Mike Doyle’s old log cabin that is located directly behind Spencer’s grandfather’s property.  It is a last ditch effort on all of their parts to shed their parents always watching eye.  Their parents scrutinized each move they made and each of them is getting annoyed with it.

            They all looked at one another, then the phone rang.

            “Crap,” says Rylee snatching up her cell phone. “Hi.”

            “Don’t you dare go off gallivanting at Jo’s club tonight.  First, you are under age, second, you didn’t ask and third….,” ranted Emma.

            “It’s teen night, no alcohol…,” says Rylee sheepishly.

            “What part of no didn’t you understand Rylee Scott?” asks Emma, getting a kick out of giving Rylee a hard time.



            “Mom, I heard you,” snaps Rylee.  She signals to the girls that her mother knows and they all groan collectively. 

            “Good, have a good night and make sure you blow out all the candles,” says Emma hanging up.

            “Blow out the candles,” mutters Rylee. 

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