s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 62

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Does Spencer go home?  Will she remember?  A few answers and a few more questions too :)



            “Well?” they all ask, welcoming their children home.  There are easy hugs, and Shelby stares hard at her daughter who is fighting back the tears.

            “She’s there but – she isn’t sure if she wants to come back,” says Sydney.  “She doesn’t remember us, doesn’t remember anything.”

            “You didn’t hit her over the head and drag her back?” asks Natalie.  How she wants to go back there, swat Spencer as hard as she can and shove her through the opening in time.

            Sydney cocks her head to the left.  “We were powerless there, but Spence wasn’t.  I opened one port but it was to her, like, like my power only worked when she was there.  She doesn’t remember a thing, not us, not this reality, nothing.”

            Jo kicks the wall, making a gaping hole.  “Merde.  Natalie can I go through?”

            “No,” says Natalie.  “Not without causing some time abnormality, you died there.  You may not be able to come back.”

            “Merde again,” mutters Jo.  She can only pray that Rylee says or does something to make Spencer come home.    She wants to jump through even if she doesn’t come back.  But, something inside of Jo tells her that Spencer will be back, and Rylee will be the reason or the cause. 

            Rylee pops through the opening and Emma hugs her hard, gathering her into her arms.  “S’okay,” whispers Emma, still sure of the vision she has seen. 

Rylee kisses her mother’s cheek.  She tries to talk but she can’t form the words. 

            “Hey!” yells Spencer, walking through the rip in time a few moments behind Rylee.  “You can’t kiss me like that and leave.  Isn’t that like, not romantic or something?  Or undykified?  There has to be a rule about kissing and running.”

            Rylee turns out of her mother’s hug and right into Spencer’s arms, where Spencer leans down and kisses her again, this time quickly, knowing there is an audience.  Her fingers trail down Rylee’s face and their noses touches.  “That’s better,” whispers Spencer.  Their eyes meet, and the room bleeds away.  “I don’t forgive you just yet, but I did save your life, you owe me, Lee.”

            “You remember,” whispers Rylee. 

            “A little bit,” she says, “Tegan snores, Sydney pesters me to play music, Abby loves my grilled cheese and I love you.”

            “She’s so your daughter,” says Darci to Jo.  Her arm around Abby.

            “Oui, she is,” says Jo with a lopsided smile. 

            “Mom,” says Spencer, releasing Rylee and hugging her mom.  “I’m so sorry for how I treated you.”

            “I’m a mom, I can take it, in two weeks you’ll hate me again,” snorts Jo.  “You’ll remember everything in time and…”

            “Mom, shut up,” says Spencer. 

            “Okay,” says Jo.  “Spence, where is Dathan?”

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