s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 113

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            “You fucking son of a bitch!” roars Darci.  She swipes her hand over the small table next to her.  A bottle of 100 year old scotch goes flying across the room.  Breaking on contact, the amber liquid pooling in the shards of glass, casting rainbows in the streaking sunlight.

            “Get out of my house!” orders Jon.  He jogs the joystick and lurches at Darci. 

            Grunting, she reaches out with her power and stops all nerve impulses to Jon’s hand.  Then she slows his autonomic nervous system.  “Do you feel that, Jonathan?” she asks.  “Try taking a breath, old man, you can’t.  I’m controlling every goddamn aspect of your body right now.  I can’t cure the MS but I can’t make sure you stop breathing!”

            “Darci,” says Dathan smoothly.  His voice low as he stands. 

            “No!  You have been behind this all along, haven’t you?  You started this, you tell me what else you are hiding.  Where are the journals?  Where are the things I need to keep my daughter safe!”

            Jon starts to panic, this face turns bright red and fresh sweat rolls from his forehead.  “I won’t give it to him.”

            Darci’s eyes flash with her power.  She puts her hands on the arm rests of the chair and leans close to Jon.  “You will damn well give it to me.”

            “What is going on?” yells Laura from the doorway.  “Darci?”

            Darci’s jaw clenches and she releases her hold on Jon slightly.  “I’m having a talk with Jon about his meddling ways.”

            “Have you thought that he is protecting you?” asks Laura.  She comes into the room.  Dathan watches her move, so much like Natalie yet there is something more there, a confidence. 

            “Protecting?  Us?  From what, the truth?  He is Shelby’s father!  How is that protecting her?  How?  She’s always felt like she had no family, and each time she built something it was ripped from her,” snaps Darci.  She reaffirms her grip on Jon’s breathing and his eyes bulge.  “No.  You are going to tell me what is going on.  From the beginning.  No, better yet, you are coming to Haven Island and you are going to tell us.  All of us.”

            “I’m not going anywhere,” forces Jon.

            Dathan steps forth.  “Yes, you are.  If not, I will ask Darci to cut the oxygen flow to your brain, once you are unable to keep consciousness, I will bring you to the States.  I will make sure she awakens you just enough for Jo to purge you of all of your thoughts and we will have our answers.  Which do you choose?”

            The husband and wife share a look, Jon shakes his head.

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