s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 76

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Oh all right, all right! ONLY because I wrote almost 2K words in stars-7 am I posting.  NOT because a few of you messaged me..... no really, I don't give in that easily..... 



            “What are we doing here?” asks Mario.  Emma is being very playful and teasing, not that he minds but after how the odd evening ended last night with him seeing choices he could make he’s feeling very much out of sorts. 

            Emma smiles.  “I want you to work this power thing out, come on,” says Emma.  She takes his hand and he presses into her.  Her hips sway seductively. 

            “How?” he asks.  His mouth is paper dry and he can’t concentrate.

            “You’ll see.”

            There are a few people milling around the café that Jo now comes too.  It’s called Atmosphere.  Just a few weeks prior, a plane, carrying Amy Astin had crashed into the front of the building.  Emma didn’t know how but it was already up and running.  “Is this a gay place?” asks Mario looking around.

            “Yes,” says Emma.

            “You want to get picked up?” he teases sweetly.  “By a guy?”  He turns her around, his dark eyes find hers and gives her a pleading look.  “Em, I don’t want to learn if they work or not, get it?”

            “But think of this as something for Rylee,” says Emma.

            He crosses his arms across his chest.  His weak point, she knows he will do anything for his daughter.  “Explain?”

            “Her powers are a combo of ours, she sees the future like I do, but she sees it in variations, or rather, options like you do, mine never change, hers do.  I see something and bam, that is what’s going to happen.  Or I will more than likely see the past, which is set in stone.”

            Mario bites his lip and before he can say anything more, he yanks Emma towards him and pulls her into an alcove that leads to the bathrooms.  “This isn’t what I was thinking, sexy man,” coos Emma.

            “Jayden and Natalie are out there,” explains Mario.




            Darci sits at her office desk and is going through the mounds of paper work there.  She hates it but it’s something she has to do.  Her fingers find a file sitting there and she isn’t sure what it is at first.  Then she realizes it’s the tests that she’d run on Jo’s blood when she’d come back from the dead.  There is also the newest set from when she’d healed her a few weeks ago.  Darci had been curious as to the changes.  So, Jo had allowed her to run tests.  She absently opens it and figures she’ll find everything right where they are supposed to be, since Jo heals from everything.  Her eyes trail down the numbers and they come to rest on a set of numbers that simply can’t be. 

            A soft panic rides up into Darci.  This can’t be right, can it?  She swallows hard and starts to flip one page after another.  “No, no, no,” she pleads.  She compares the readings, then reads the notes that the hematologist had made.  She keeps shaking her head hard.  She lets the papers rest in front of her, lying on a stack there and one single tear falls onto the page, splattering there, obliterating the inked words.

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