s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 23

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What? Is it Friday?  Did I get 300 reads?  Or 20 comments?  Nope, but feeling generous since I wrote another few pages of stars 4 last night :)


             Tegan falls to her knees, vomiting violently, trying to activate her power at the same time.  They are just behind the graduation celebration, hidden by the large school building. 

            “Tegan,” whispers Rylee, kneeling next to her.

            “God, that is gross,” says Sydney. 

            Spencer ignores them, trying with desperation to pull in all the energy around them that she could.  Sapping the grass, trees, birds and any small animal that is within her powers reach, wanting to have as much reserve as possible if she is going to pull off what she wants to do.

            “Spencer!  You don’t have to drain the world,” says Abby alarmed. 

            Spencer opens her eyes, but they don’t glow.

            “Oh shit, energizer bunny isn’t working,” says Sydney as Spencer sits on the ground.

            “What are you doing?” asks Tegan, getting up with Rylee’s help.  “You cannot take another nap, Spence!”

            Not speaking, Spencer removes her prosthetic leg and leans it up against the door of the building.  Concentrating hard, a light blue energy begins to grow from just below her knee.

            In moments, a blazing blue leg made of pure energy is where her leg had once been.

            “Good god,” says Rylee.

            “Worked,” says Spencer in awe.  “We’ve got to go.”

            Tegan nods, reminding herself to ask Spencer how she’d come up with that trick.  “They are frozen, but the thing is, our moms won’t freeze, will they?” asks Tegan.

            Spencer begins to walk, shaking her head.  “Won’t matter, I’m going to do this hard and fast.”

            The five of them walk out onto the manicured grass, the entire world is frozen in time.  Sydney cocks her head to the left.  Watching the small increments that they are moving in, no one else sees the movements, she is the only one who does. 

            Rylee rounds the corner before the rest of them, the instant she does, a blast of energy sends her flying to the ground. 

            “LEE!” yells Spencer turning her attention to the fallen Rylee. 

            Abby steps up, putting her hand up and a orange and purple light erupts from her palm, the air around them turning to a silver sheen and protecting them from the next blast.  It deflects harmlessly into the sky.

            “That’s damn neat,” says Sydney.

            Tegan bears down, trying to find who has sent the blast and slow them down.  “Damn it, whoever is out there is strong.”

            “Nail her,” says Rylee as she struggles to get up, speaking to Spencer.

            “Tegan, stay here with Rylee,” says Spencer as she pushes Rylee’s silky hair from her face, trails of blue electricity river over Rylee’s face.  “Abby, with me, and Syd, we need to teleport right up next to her, can you?”

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