s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 141

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s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 141



JG Marie


 My dream no longer my reality

The nightmare of my life

My world all one color

Various shades of Black

Tainted in grey

 I’ve lost my mind

Insanity rules what is left of my world

Life is full of friction

World in perpetual motion

Tidal emotions ebbing away

Only to return to knock me back down

My one glimmer of hope

A distant memory of You

The only light left in my eyes

You step inside my dream

My reality of late

Come to me

I bleed, then I heal

We bleed, then we heal

Hush and scream against flesh

Until you’ve released it all

In one last breath

The cold shard of our reality

            Quinn slams a fist into Natasha’s face, shattering her nose, the next blow she delivers to her throat, silencing any scream that may well be on its way to alerting Connor.  Quinn rears her head back and sinks her teeth into Natasha’s neck.  The hot blood flows.  There are other ways to take life force, but this is the fastest and most efficient way of doing so.  She feels the power, the absolute raw energy and power.  And the spells!  Quinn almost pulled away but she holds fast.  Symbols and words tumble into her mind as she consumes all that is Natasha Summers.

            Natasha fights, but its fruitless, Quinn is stronger and older, knowing just what the young woman will do.  Natasha’s fists batter on Quinn’s back, and then they ceases, going limp at her side.  Her heart stops beating. 

            Quinn holds her body close and then lowers her back to the couch, her eyes flashing a bright amber as she realizes just what needs to be done.  She scrambles around the room.  Of course, what she needs isn’t here, but instantly, Quinn knows just how to get everything that she does need.  She silently locks the door.

            She melts through the wall, a spell that she doesn’t need to say, just think.  Amazing, how powerful she had been, Natasha Summers.  It takes all of fifteen minutes and Quinn is standing atop the west building of Haven Island with all she needs to make the jump to the other reality.  All she needs now is blood.

            She slices the inside of her hand with the knife she’d acquired and drips it into the bowl.  It beings to heal, but she cuts it again and again, until what looks like a gallon of blood shimmers in the bowl, also in the bowl is fresh grass, salt, rosemary and water.  Quinn begins to speak in her native language, a long ago forgotten tongue, her fingers dip into the bowl and she begins to drawn on the flat rooftop.  First a large circle, which she then fills with symbols and letters, all the while chanting.  The blood beings to glow, first yellow, then orange, red, green and finally a heated, pulsing blue.  Quinn removes her shirt and draws three new symbols on her body.  On her left hand one for herself, on her left one for Jo and the final one for Spencer on her chest, right over her heart.  “Bring me to her,” whispers Quinn.  Stepping into the circle, weak from the blood loss she gets down on her knees, she whispers the final words and with the last of Natasha Summers’ power, she opens a gaping rift into another world.

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