s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 35

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Short but, well, you'll see!  Again, if you want more s*t*a*r*s hit up my friends blog -- http://www.bethannmasarik.com/apps/blog/show/10316655-moon-spirit-release-info-and-giveaway -- you post on Beth's block and you get a s*t*a*r*s chapter, come on guys!  Guess you don't want more s*t*a*r*s, huh?  Ohhhh well!  ;)



            Amy walks into her house, the door closes lightly behind her and she leans back into it.  The cool of the wood ekes through her blouse.  She snaps her green eyes closed and steels herself for what she is about to do.

            She can hear Larkin’s voice and she walks towards it.  He’s not a bad man, Larkin, but he never was the one she loved.  Amy had tried, for a long time, she’d tried but in the end she’d been cold, locking away her love and holding onto it.

            “Larkin?” calls out Amy.

            She rounds the corner and comes face to face with him and his assistant.  “Hey, you are home early.”  He kisses her cheek. 

            “We need to talk,” says Amy, feeling the heat of a blush rise to her cheeks.  She hates it.  She’d just told Jo that they were going to talk, but Amy had realized that she needed to talk to Larkin first.

            Dylan sees the heat in her eyes and turns to his assistant.  “You know what, Fred, postpone the rest of my afternoon.  I’ll call you later to let you know what is going on.”

            Fred simply nods his head and walks in quick shuffling strides away from them.  Dylan takes Amy’s arm.  “Is Tegan okay?”

            Amy whispers, “Yes, yes, Tegan is fine.  Better than fine.”

            Dylan’s brow knits together.  “Then what the heck is going on?”

            Amy leads him to her office and once he’s entered, she closes the door.  “Sit, please.”

            “Good god, Amy what is going on?”  He doesn’t sit all he wants to do is comfort is obviously frazzled wife. 

            Amy’s breath comes in hard spurts, her emotions are on a roller coaster ride from hell and she can’t reign them in.  Jo is alive, alive, breathing, and well and she felt so good in her arms – hell just to be in the same room as her was bliss.

            “We’re getting a divorce.  I don’t care what you want, what you say, what you tell Tegan.  I want my life back,” says Amy sitting on the long black leather couch against the wall of the room.  There, she’d said it, finally she’d said it.  Emma had been right all those years before when she’d said to Amy that it was a spontaneous decision to be with Larkin.  Then, as time had worn on, it had been harder and harder to leave.  Tegan loves Larkin and Larkin had afforded Amy the means to go what she wanted and still be a mother, even if it had been part time.

            Dylan kneels in front of Amy.  “I thought – I thought this was your life, that at some point, I was your life?  But I never was, was I?”  He stands.  He’s tried all his life to make Amy happy, then he’d tried to blackmail her into staying. 

            Amy looks up at him, still gorgeous, his suit fits him like a glove, his blue eyes are still clear.  He runs and works out daily and he is, by all accounts, a nice guy.  He has held the family together for a long time, though at times reverting to anger and threats, but his heart was always in the right place. 

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