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Sam Winchester x Reader by FallenAngel7983
Sam Winchester x Readerby Megyn
(Y/N) has a huge crush on Sam Winchester, and when he falls into the pit, you are heartbroken... only to have him come back soulless... So he constantly flirts with you...
  • soulless
  • sam
  • samxreader
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Supernatural x Reader  by 13winchesters
Supernatural x Reader by 13winchesters
Smutty smut Smut Well, mostly Smut
  • supernatural
  • samxreader
  • fluff
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Soulless by reepstheweeps_2
Soullessby reepstheweeps_2
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a soulless creature wandering around the depths of the world, humming in misery and melancholy, and singing about your...
  • soulless
  • ghosts
  • thriller
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Supernatural Imagines and Prefences by Frerard_is_my_dad
Supernatural Imagines and Prefencesby Transboy™
Basically i'm going to write a bunch of imagines about supernatural, all my ideas are coming from photos I've found online so don't kill me if its come from someone else...
  • soulless
  • demon
  • prefences
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soulless mirror  by JuliaTiffanyFord
soulless mirror by Julia Ford
I dont own naruto just my version of it
  • love
  • romantic
  • hate
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A Soulless by StuckHomeTroll
A Soullessby Corvus
  • eater
  • soul
  • kid
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The Blood Ages by amberkbryant
The Blood Agesby Amber K Bryant
The Turned are cursed beasts, their souls trapped in the ether, unable to move on as long as their soulless selves exist to wreak havoc upon the world. No one has ever t...
  • soulless
  • halloween
  • paranormal
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Breathing Space by CalistaMcmullen
Breathing Spaceby GalaxyGirl423
I am Bellatrix Nova,and no not Bellatrix from Harry Potter .Bellatrix as in a star from the constellation Orion, and i wasn’t always like this i used to be a really swee...
  • soulless
  • universe
  • spinoffstory
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Limbo by sebastianmichaelisx
Limboby ᏚᎷ
Based on the theory of a place called "Limbo", somewhere between Heaven and Hell where souls that didn't quite make it into God's kingdom and that weren't damn...
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • kuroshitsuji
  • limbo
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Supernatural Stuff by elizabeth_lorraine
Supernatural Stuffby 엘
This is where I will write all of my SPN fan stuff. Enjoy!
  • lucifer
  • johnwinchester
  • micheal
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Anything Dark by Words14
Anything Darkby .sadly, it's me.
Even a rose can be dark. Like my life. Like my self. Like my whole inter life's pain & joy. Not that I have had any joy in life. Only pain.
  • every
  • feel
  • alone
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Angels with Souls by KatherineReid2
Angels with Soulsby LittleGreyWolf
The message of humanity falling spread across Earth causing far more damage than was intended. As Zeka, an angel with a soul as the human called her, deals with the afte...
  • age
  • end
  • angel
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A Dylan and Chandler love story by Bnjnation
A Dylan and Chandler love storyby Bnjnation
This story is more of an inside joke between me and my friends. You can still read it if you like, I'm not gonna stop u. Dylan works as a clown and chops peopl...
  • soulless
  • random
  • funny
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Broken Poetry by LucyWales
Broken Poetryby Lucy Loo Wales
Is love really lovely? A Collection of poetry
  • love
  • emotional
  • shadows
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A Potato's Artzzzz Yaaayy! by SoullessPotato
A Potato's Artzzzz Yaaayy!by Potatoooo
Halloooo me new here.... so..... hiii...uummmm.... This is an artbook! Me is a Soulless Potato but me have feelings. Me like to draw and stuff.... So..... Yeeeeaahhhh...
  • random
  • potato
  • meisabutt
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Sound of Guns by WrecklessMess
Sound of Gunsby ~Kit~
Gabriel Jack isn't capable of love. He's not supposed to be. He's supposed to be capable of trust, kindness, sadness, anger, and determination. Never love. But after loo...
  • love
  • lesbian
  • girl
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LIVING SOULLESS by JackieLynnRamirez
LIVING SOULLESSby JackieLynnRamirez
After losing her family, Lexi looks for answers, while surviving an apocalypse. With her new friends, Lexi searches for other survivors, her family, and hopefully a cure.
  • apocalypse
  • fictional
  • soulless
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