s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 30

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            Two weeks of Jayden watching over them in the falling down beach house and everyone is enjoying the summer.  A mini-summer session is beginning on the island and the girls have all decided to enroll in the classes there. 

            Spencer is taking a writing class.  She thinks it might help her with her song writing.  Rylee, Tegan and Abby are taking a drama class.  Spencer is also taking a music class along with Sydney.  So, to burn off the last few days of freedom, they go to Hawaii to spend some time on the beach with their families.  Jayden stays behind, wanting to explore, she tells them. 

            Rylee is struggling with her power and the fact that if Spencer doesn’t vamp out, they can’t touch.  Flashes of the future continue to plague her, finally she takes Tegan into confidence while Spencer and Sydney are playing in impromptu concert in the living room and Abby is off shopping.

            Stealing Tegan away, Rylee leads her down to the beach, away from everyone’s prying eyes.

            “What is up?” asks Tegan as she swings an arm over Rylee’s shoulder.

            “I’m having – visions,” says Rylee.

            “That is your power, darling,” smiles Tegan.  Tegan sees the seriousness Rylee’s face.  “Oh boy.”

            “We die, all of us, in a car crash.  I don’t know how, when, where – I just know it happens.”

            “Your visions don’t always come true though,” says Tegan.  She sits on the beach, patting the area next to her.  Rylee sits down.  “I mean, it’s a path we could take, or not?”

            “I know but if I’m having them all the time?  I keep touching stuff around us and damn it, I keep getting it.”

            “So that means it might be a sure thing, right?” asks Tegan softly.

            “Yes,” says Rylee.

            “What’s the set up?”

            “Dark road, a few cars, speed – Spencer is driving – some tall trees, the full moon.  That’s it.  Then the vision devolves into the accident,” explains Rylee.

            “Spence got her license yesterday,” says Tegan.

            Rylee laughs softly.  “So you think I shouldn’t be worrying?”

            “I think that until it happens, try not to worry too much,” says Tegan. 

            “That feels very passive,” says Rylee.

            Tegan smirks.  She thinks about it for a long minute.  She pulls her knees close to her chest and rests her chin on it.  Death.  It’s never been something that Tegan has dealt with.  Could they die?  These powers have brought them into a whole new light – there were people who might be out to get them and they would never know when.  There are so many things that their parents haven’t told them yet. 


            Spencer fights to keep the car from skidding around another car, lashing out with her power and righting the car.  “We can’t get away from them….”  The energy she’d just spent saving the car made her feel weak. She needs energy, but she doesn’t know from where. She certainly can’t sap any from the girls around her, it is impossible. 

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