s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 50

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Over 200 reads, everyone!  Enjoy it!  I changed some of the chapter lenghts (one was way to long) so we have a few more before the final - 200 reads = a chapter! 


            “Did you know?” asks Jayden as she and Natalie share a bowl of ice cream later that day.  She had filled Natalie in on the drama.  Natalie had groaned, moaned then shaken her head, announcing that a bowl of ice cream was needed. 

            “No,” says Natalie.  “I would have found a better way of telling Spencer.  As if there is a better way of finding out.  Where did she and Sydney go?”

            “I have no idea.  I’m sure they are safe, we need them back before midnight, or we can’t ride the Sydney train to Greece.”

            Jayden takes the chocolate syrup and pours more onto the ice cream.  Natalie watches in amusement.  “I forget that you’re more their age than mine.  I was thirteen when you were born, that blows my mind sometimes.”

            “I am way more your age than I am theirs.  It’s just a number, Natalie,” says Jayden confidently.  “I was playing adult at thirteen, I had a job at fourteen.  I had my third job by fifteen, I was changing faces every six months, watching them.”

            Natalie snorts.  “Neither of us had a childhood.”

            Jayden smiles, she takes another heaping mouthful of the ice cream that drips from her spoon.  “Mmaybe dat why I had mush on ew,” she says, the words a mumble. 

            Natalie laughs.  The sound is almost alien to her.  “What?”

            “I said, maybe that is why I had a crush on you.”

            Natalie is surprised.  “Really?”

            “Yeah.  I think it’s the eyes, they are dark, mysterious, but blue – dark blue, like the blue right before twilight turns purple,” says Jayden.  She bites her lip not able to meet Nat’s eyes for a long time.  “I don’t know, I always thought – I don’t know – that you are as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen.”

            Natalie blushes, the heat radiates from her cheeks down her neck and proceeds to settle in her belly. 

            “I’m sorry.  I should learn to shut up.”

            “No!” says Natalie awkwardly.  “It’s fine.”

            Jayden smiles, at this point she has nothing to lose and Jo’s voice lights up in her mind about how she looks at Natalie.  Jo is, of course, right about how Jayden looks at Natalie.  “You really should loosen up sometimes, Nat.  Let your hair down.”  Jayden gets up, with one quick movement, she removes Nat’s always-present hair tie and her straw colored hair cascades down her back.  Jayden bends, letting her lips brush Natalie’s cheek shyly, and then whispering into her ear, “Not yet, but someday – someday…”

            She sweeps her bowl off the table, deposits into the sink and is gone before Natalie can ask her what someday means and what will happen then.



            “She cheated on me,” whispers Spencer.  “Before we even had sex, she cheated on me. Who does that?  Really?  At sixteen no less?”

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