s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 105

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Birthday posting for MyH3artCri3s4You!  (A day early Bday falls on a Friday so....)



            Tegan, Abby, Sydney and Shelby have gone back to the beach house, where Shelby’s husband, Mike is meeting them.  Tegan had actually been civil to her mother and Abby had taken one last cannonball into the pool to make her happy.  Rylee and Spencer stay behind because Spencer wanted to spend more time with Jo. 

            Alysse has her feet propped up on Nina’s lap, while Jo is wrapped in a sweatshirt of Bev’s.  Rosita had gotten a call from someone mysterious and had left, muttering something about Vegas.

             Nina and Helen are talking shop, along with Amy who is interested in what Tegan is up against the next morning for auditions.  Rylee and Spencer aren’t far from Jo and Bev.  Rylee sitting on a chair while Spencer is sitting below her, Rylee’s feet dangling over her shoulders.  Darci and Emma are on the other side of Jo, flanking her, as if watching her every move, or lack of movement.  Darci and Emma aren’t talking much; it seems that they are intent on listening.  Natalie and Julie had gone on a beer run, and they are all giggling, and taking bets on whether or not Julie is actually going to show up with beer, or the more cultured Natalie is going to come back with wine.

            “So when do you guys start building the school?” asks Spencer to Amy. 

            “As soon as I raise the funds for it,” says Amy with a smile.  “Want to help?”

            “No, I’m all good with that.  I’m not into meeting and greeting, raising money, shaking hands or kissing babies,” smiles Spencer.

            Rylee laughs, leaning down and kissing Spencer’s cheek.  “You are funny tonight, what’s gotten into you?”

            “Lana’s bottle of wine,” chuckles Spencer sheepishly, tossing a look at Lana, who shrugs, she hadn’t noticed the young woman dipping into her bottles of wine.

            “Spencer Wheaton!” roars Jo as Spencer admitted to drinking. 

            “Mom, I’m sitting a foot from you, I’m not going to go out and… oh, say… pick up a guy and say… oh, sleep with him, and oh say…  get knocked up…” grimaces Spencer.

            “I most certainly hope not!” says Rylee quickly; overriding anything that Jo is going to say.

            “If Angie ever did that, I think I’d spank her, even if she is sixteen,” says Nina.  “No offence, Spencer.”

            “I might like the spanking though,” says Spencer seriously which sends everyone into a fit of laughter.

            “My girlfriend the comedian everyone,” says Rylee, sweeping her hand in a grand gesture. 

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