s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 128

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So?  Well?  Does anyone want this chapter or what?  Warning: this section (stars-8) is slower, more low keyed and filled with INFORMATION!  If you're a speed reader you'll miss some very important clues.  Slow down, savor it, and watch for the clues and the information :) rock on, dot com

s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 128

Stars – 8

Chaotic Bliss

JG Marie

The line between clarity and insanity is slender


And effortless to cross

Looking in mirrors

Looking in shadows

Looking inside your very heart

Foot on the edge – balancing precariously

Do I step across?

Or step back onto the darkness of the shadows

Where lucidity enrages me?


To be free


To be caged

My line has vanished

Looking down into the ebony abyss

It looks back at me

With eyes only I can see

Madness over takes me

It’s warm cloak of freedom

Enveloping me

Safe from the chaos around me

Overwhelming bliss

Liberty from my world

Sovereignty from my heart

Independence from my torn and battered soul

The line between clarity and insanity is slender


And effortless to cross


            “I got it!” yells Rylee as she rushes to the house phone.  No one has a land line anymore, well, no one but her mother and father.  Her parents are so old fashioned sometimes.  She snatches up the black phone and swings it to her ear.  “Scott residence.”

            “How is my granddaughter?” asks Henry Young as the line buzzes with life. 

            “Grandfather,” says Rylee with a bright smile.  She hears the happiness in her own voice.  “I’m fine.  Going back to school next week, how are you doing?”

            “I was going to head to California for Jonathan Wheaton’s memorial service, think your mother would mind a house guest?” asks Henry.  There is a grave edge to his voice and Rylee picks up on it but doesn’t comment on it, instead she decides to keep it light.

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