Dating Jeon Jungkook [Jikook] || English Version by ChimchimzKookie97
Dating Jeon Jungkook [Jikook] || ChimchimzKookie97
Things get interesting when Jimin started dating Jeon Jungkook ________________________ Highest Ranking #1 in Angst #3 in Jikook Date Started: August 16, 2018 Date Ende...
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『 truth or die + kth 』 by dwe-jin
『 truth or die + kth 』by 틴
"how old are you?" he asked. "se-seventeen." "you're not eighteen yet?," he played with his lip ring frustratedly, "ugh laws." he...
  • taehyung
  • junghoseok
  • minyoongi
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OUR SECRET. ━ TAEKOOK ✓ by kimnamsoon
[ completed ] -- ❝ i'm tired being your secret, jungkook. ❞ Where Jungkook tries to hide his relationship with Taehyung from the public. What if he's ready...
  • tearjerker
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BTS SAD ANGST by sadasiangirlxx
BTS SAD ANGSTby sadasiangirlxx
sad angst for sad people
  • jin
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BURDEN ✔ by golden_breeze
BURDEN ✔by 레진다리
[COMPLETED] BTS x Jin All of the members knew that there's something wrong with their oldest hyung, but they didn't know what. Thinking that their oldest hyung is just t...
  • jinmin
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Angsty Klance Oneshots by Klance_Trash25
Angsty Klance Oneshotsby Klance Trash
The title says it all. Angst angst and more angst... With Keith x Lance from Voltron: Legendary Defenders. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Voltron! TRIGGER W...
  • triggerwarning
  • semekeith
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One more chance (Jungkook x reader) by SHUKGA_KOOKIEZ
One more chance (Jungkook x reader)by SugaKookie
Hybrid jungkookau x reader Your best friend Jeon Jungkook, is attractive, smart, witty, perverted, and very kind. You've been friends for longer than you both can rememb...
  • jin
  • jungkookxreader
  • possesive
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Mental disorder ☁️ Yoonmin by yoongspark
Mental disorder ☁️ Yoonminby aint straight
[First yoonmin book that reached 3M] "No, I wont take care of him. He's not my step brother." Yoongi disagrees. A child's mentality in the teenager's body. Tha...
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Tyrus One shots by TJlookedbackatcyrus
Tyrus One shotsby Soph
Tyrus One shots since I fell in love with these two dorks. I will never write smut about thirteen year old's
  • tjkippen
  • tyrus
  • buffydriscoll
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[JUNGKOOK] Painful Regret  by exotaec
[JUNGKOOK] Painful Regret by let me love you
"Forgive me, please.." "I swear I won't do it again." "I'm sorry." "I miss you.." "Come back to me." "Just forgi...
  • seokjin
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My Unloving Husband √ by hueofjeon
My Unloving Husband √by smol one ™
How would you feel if your husband doesn't reciprocate your feelings ? • • • He kept glaring at me with his cold piercing eyes and I couldn't do anything but to stare a...
  • âu
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✓ dirty dancing|park jimin by jimindigo
✓ dirty dancing|park jiminby 𝓋𝒾
'She only moans for me.', Jimin boasted. 'That ends tonight.', Jungkook said, taking off his shirt. 。。。 Abuse, heartb...
  • jimin
  • romance
  • parkjimin
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fan service. by GGUKCHU
fan `
➳ #258 in FanFiction ─ in which Jungkook wants to get Jimin back GGUKCHU | 07.13.16 | jikook | ✔
  • jiminxjungkook
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Bully by -lonelynights
Bullyby 𝓴𝔂𝓵𝓲𝓮
He was the fox and she was the rabbit - in which an obsessed bully relentlessly torments his victim over the years.
  • sexualassault
  • angst
  • stalking
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BTS Imagines by bts_army_111
BTS Imaginesby bts_army_111
REQUESTS OPEN Send em in....... #206 in BTS out of 73k stories
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Suicide hotline-vkook by lollipoppan1501
Suicide hotline-vkookby Kookv
Taehyung is depressed and have suicidal thoughts everyday. One day he decided to call the suicide hotline when he's friends convinced him On the other line was the wor...
  • angstwithhappyending
  • soft
  • vkook
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BTS ANGSTSby Jiminie
Not quite angst 100% but there are moments where your heart and gut burn from sadness. There's usually happy endings. I hope you cry, these are triggering. KEEP A BOX OF...
  • angst
  • yoongi
  • namjoon
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𝐁𝐓𝐒 𝐎𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬 by ByzantiumBlackberry
𝐁𝐓𝐒 𝐎𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬by ❉ ⓒⓗⓘⓒⓗⓘ ❉
A bunch of random BTS oneshots, short stories, and scenarios I come up with... yeah. Request if you wanna see something you came up with or if you want a part two for an...
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How To Survive A Reckless Boy  ✓  by linalaurine
How To Survive A Reckless Boy ✓ by lina
〚 completed 〛 Faye Frémont has never really bothered with boys. She is timid and insecure, not exactly two personality traits that have them fighting over her. Despite t...
  • summerlove
  • comingofage
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Hero Days - BNHA Oneshots by TurquoiseStones
Hero Days - BNHA Oneshotsby TurquoiseStones
Various oneshots about our favorite BNHA boys! Come one, come all! #11/1.31k in drabble - 11/28/18 Requests always open ;) Inconsistent updates Sneak Previews: "How...
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