s*t*a*r*s - pt 4

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It's FRIDAY!!!!  I know some of you are biting at the bit that I'm not postind daily, but I'm writing as I post and since I work a lot of hours, and I'm gearing to go back up to school, oh and I'm working on my novel -- I don't have all that much time.  So I think ppl would rather read something weekly then go weeks w/o reading anything at all -- Let me know what you think, rock on, dot com :)


            “This is insane,” mutters Abby, who is pulling up the rear of the small train of girls that is moving around the hallways, trying to remain unseen.  It is relatively easy, it seems that most of the population of the boy’s dorms has headed to the gym.    The hallways is still filled with more returning student, most friendly, and not one of them thinking twice about seeing a gaggle of girls heading for the boys dorm rooms.

They are in the Topaz Dorms, keeping an eye out for roaming teachers.  They narrowly avoid getting caught  by a dark skinned woman – she stops and looks around, not seeing the girls pressing against the alcove to the right of the library. 

The Secret Service guard lags at least half a hallways length away, with strict instructions to waylay anyone who comes their way.  Tegan had given them an order, but one of them had begun to object.  Spencer had stepped up to him, raised an eyebrow and he’d taken a step back, remembering his place.  Tegan had been impressed Spencer didn’t even have to talk to make a statement.

            “It’s insane with military man following us, it’s like having a red flag, waving it at a bull,” says Spencer softly. 

            “If we get caught…,” begins Abby.

            “You might get suspended, but since classes haven’t officially started,” a voice at the door says.  “You might just be told to simply go back to your dorms, Jades West.”

            A gasp from all five girls, they all turn, except for Spencer, who knows they are caught and the aura around whoever has caught them is one of authority.  A familiarity glistens around the woman, but Spencer doesn’t know why she feels familiar.  “If classes had started?  Where might this leave us, since classes haven’t yet started?” asks Spencer, finally turning.

            “It would leave you, and your four roommates, peeling potatoes in the kitchen for the next two days at one pm sharp,” says Natalie Summers.  “Now, back to your dorm,” ordered their dorm mistress.  Filing past her, none of them dare look the woman in the eyes, except for Spencer Andrews.


“You should have seen her!  She tried to stare me down, Eric.  Me.  Stared down?  Who does she think she is?  Jo Wheaton?” says Natalie forty minutes later.  “I cannot believe her, what the hell did Jo teach her?”         

Natalie Eric and Lexie are in her loft room, having tea.  Eric’s face shows amusement.  Natalie has always had an affinity for Jo.  Jo had been strong, smart, loyal, and one of the bravest people that Natalie had ever known.  A hero.

            “What are they doing down there?” asks Lexie attempting to keep the smile off her lips.  “It must have been them that I sensed when I left the library.  But then as soon as I felt something, it is gone, just like that, it is uncanny.”

            “Finding dates, no doubt,” laughs Eric, sipping his tea.  “I am sure it is harmless fun, you wish for them to get to know each other, this is part of that process, Natalie.”

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