s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 19

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The end of the posting frenzy!  Did everyone enjoy?  :)


            Rylee Scott rolls over onto her back, staring up at the brilliant white that seems to surround her, snapping her eyes shut to the almost painful white light. 

            Then a heartbreaking scream yanks Rylee from the rest of her stupor.

            “Fuck!” yells Spencer, her hands covering her eyes; the young woman stumbles forward, crashing back onto her knees.  “Son of a…!”

            “Spence!” shouts Rylee, clambering over to where Spencer is withering in pain.

            “Rylee?” says Tegan, who is moving towards the screaming also.

            “We’re all…,” begins Abby from behind Tegan.

            “…here,” finishes Sydney as she looks around, wondering where the heck here is.

            “What the hell is going on?” asks Tegan she turns on her bare feet.  Realizing, with a start that they all wear the same thing: long grey shorts and black ribbed wife beaters. 

            “Eyes…,” groans Spencer, struggling to her feet.  She creeps her eyes open, and again, the light that seems to emanate from everywhere forces her to close them again.

            “I know its bright Spence, but…,” begins Sydney.

            “I don’t see like you,” snaps Spencer harshly.  “Lee, where are we?” asks Spencer.

            “Umm…,” says Rylee, turning and looking around, Spencer calling her Lee is a nickname that she’d been using for two days now and Rylee swoons each time.  “A really big white room.”

            “I can’t find the walls if it’s a room,” says Abby.  “I’ve reached out with my power and I can’t find ‘em, I can’t change them, means they aren’t there.”

            Tegan reaches out to Spencer, taking her arm.  Then Tegan realizes something.  “Spencer, your leg….”

            “What about it?  Don’t tell me, one of the straps is….”  Spencer reaches down blindly and feels for the straps, and that is when she realizes what Tegan is talking about.

            “Oh my god, Spencer, your leg is whole,” says Abby stunned.

            Spencer, with her eyes closed, wiggles her toes, and a small smile graces her lips for a minute.  “Haven’t felt those in a while and don’t touch them, I’m damn ticklish.”

            “She’s cracking jokes,” groans Sydney.  “We must be in Heaven, Spencer Andrews is cracking jokes.”

            “Or hell,” swallows Tegan.  “Can you open your eyes at all?”

            “No, hurts too much,” says Spencer.  “Rylee can help me around, if we are going to go around anywhere that is.”

            “Are we really here?  Or are we sort of here?” asks Sydney.

            “What does that mean?” asks Abby, turning to the youngest of the group.  “We’re here, look.”  Abby stomps her foot.  “See, here.”

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