s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 165

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It's FRIDAY - You will all be happy to hear that stars-10 is done and being edited as we speak.  That only means that you get to read for longer, I won't be reinstating BDay chapters, nor will I post more often.  Fridays, everyone.  Not all writers here post on a schedule, I'm guessing something to look forward to is a good thing, oui?  Rock on, dot com! 


s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 165



            Sydneyr materializes in a small alleyway and walks over to Carter’s brownstone.  It’s her first time here.  While it’s barely 6am in California, it’s almost 9am in New York. She jogs up the steps and just as she’s about to knock on the door, it opens and a smiling, barely dressed Carter greets her. 

            All he has on is a pair of shorts, which hang low to reveal the sweet muscles of his lower stomach that form an inviting V to a place that Sydney might not mind being pointed too. 

            “Shit, you’re early,” says Carter.  His voice is always changing, sometimes formal and sometimes filled with common slang.  Sydney never quite knows what to make of it.  “Come in.”

            Sydney eases by him and takes in a long whiff of his scent.  He smells like soap and something else, an underlying muskiness.  She feels like she’s about to swoon.

            “Did you start to cook yet?” teases Sydney. 

            “No,” says Carter.  His smile broadens.  Sydney sees a flash of his white teeth, which is unusual for him. 

            “You don’t have to cook.”

            “I don’t?” he asks. 

            Sydney bites her lower lip.  “If this were lunch I’d say we can have dessert first.”  She reaches out and trails a finger over his chest and her hand ends up at his waist band. 

            “No,” whispers Carter.  “You’re 17.”

            “And you’re what, 23?  25?”

            “I’m older,” says Carter with a laugh.  He leans down and kisses Sydney. 

            She feels the hot electricity of the kiss river through her, warming her from her core and radiates out.

            “Then you’d better go make the bacon,” says Sydney as he breaks the kiss.  She runs her hand over his face, caressing the freshly shaved cheeks.

            “As the lady wishes,” says Carter, bowing dramatically.

            Sydney sighs and follows him into the kitchen, hoping he puts on a shirt at the very least.



            Spencer runs her fingers over the staff that she’d inadvertently stabbed Jayden with. She is in the back court yard, still alone.  She’s been feeling alone a lot lately, even in the midst of a crowd she felt alone.  Different, not feeling whole most of the time but a fissure of herself, splintered.  She twirls the staff a few times and when she stops, she looks at Jayden’s blood at the end of the staff.  An accident something as simple as a splinter could immobilize them, all of them who were host to the eternal strand of DNA.

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