s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 104

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             Jo slips into the house only moments before Bev comes waltzing in.  Jo is just taking off her shoes.  “Where did you go?  Were you out riding that damnable bike again?”

             Jo blinks, her blue eyes narrowing, “Ummm, non.”  Bev had harped on Jo for almost half an hour a few days ago about her riding her bike in her weakening state.

             “Where did you go?” asks Bev trying to keep that condescending tone out of her voice, but she knows by Jo’s face that she is in the verge of pissing off her girlfriend.  Bev has been trying to keep her emotions at bay, but day by day, Bev feels like she is losing Jo. 

             “Across the street….,” mutters Jo, licking her dry lips, feeling that weight lifted off her, knowing that Bev would be okay when she dies.  “Where did you go?” shot back Jo with a serious tone.  “Why did it take you so long?  Where is the food?  What did you get?” Jo barrages Bev with questions her tone not so playful, but with a hint of sarcasm in her French laden voice.

             “Hey!” says Bev then sees that Jo is trying to push a point across.  “I went to Atmosphere; I met up with Helen and Amy…”  Jo’s eyebrows shoot up at the mention of her ex’s name.  “I invited them over, and then I called Spencer and told her to bring the girls over if she wanted too.  While I was calling Spencer, Lana came outside; did you know that Camilla is missing?  Anyway, she’s coming over with Amy and Helen, and then I called Alysse…”

             “Did you call the world too?” grumbles Jo. 

             Bev doesn’t really understand that being around people is tiring for her; in fact, Jo feels the control on her remaining powers starting to fade and it is difficult to keep them pulled in.  She’s begun getting blurbs of images and thoughts right before waking and going to sleep.  The sudden intrusions were so painful that two nights before she’d forced herself to stay awake until Bev had begun to stir, because the images had been coming from Bev. 

             “I felt like being surrounded by friends tonight…,” says Bev softly, dealing with death alone isn’t something that Bev can do. 

             Instantly Jo understands, Bev can’t handle being alone with her right now.  Jo simply nods. 

            “Are you angry at me?” asks Bev.

             “No, non, it isn’t that…  So, everyone is coming, even Amy?” asks Jo as she moves to Bev, kissing her gently and reaching for the bag of food.  Changing the subject is the easiest thing to do and as Jo’s hand falls on the bag Bev pulls it away, shaking her head. 

             “I’ve got it,” whispers Bev.  Reaching for Jo and kissing her lightly, relishing the taste of her girlfriend.  “You’re sure you aren’t angry?”

             “Non, is Spencer coming?” asks Jo following her into the kitchen.  Rubbing her hands together, thinking, at least it means having time with Spencer.

             “She said she would, I think all the girls are with her, so I’m imagining she may well bring them also,” offers Bev cheerfully.  “They were at the beach house, and I heard a symphony of music in the background.”

             Jo grimaces, turning sideways away from Bev, not letting on how tired and draining it is going to be surrounded by at least five people with powers that she could, at any moment, steal for her own use.  “Camilla is missing?”

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