s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 34

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            Two hours later, a still wet Spencer and the other girls mount the steps of Sydney’s home. 

            “I’m nervous,” says Sydney.

            “Why the hell are you nervous?” asks Tegan.

            Spencer sits on the top step, where her mother had sat hours before, again without a leg.  “About seeing her mom.”  Spencer shakes. 

            Rylee, Tegan and Abby look at one another.  Tegan sits down next to Spencer, slipping an arm over her shoulder.  They mirror the position their mother’s had held just a few moments before.  “How pissed are you going to be with her?”

            Spencer sighs, usually close contact with someone sets her power off, but whatever has happened in that ocean has changed some aspect of her power. 

            “Spencer?” asks Rylee.

            “I don’t want to see her,” says Spencer in a hot pained voice.  “Can you jump me back to Hawaii before you go see your mom?”

            “Are you sure?” whispers Abby.  “Spencer, this is your mom.  I know it is hard but – still…”

            Spencer nods.  “I need some time.  I need time to figure this out, please, I can’t…”

            “Okay,” says Sydney, her hand reaches out to Spencer.

            The one-legged girl stands, freeing herself from Tegan’s touch.  “I’ll see you soon, okay?” says Spencer to Rylee.

            “Okay,” says Rylee.  Refraining from leaping into Spencer’s arms and kissing her, Rylee clenches her hands at her side.

            Sydney touches Spencer’s hand and a portal opens up, Spencer powers the portal.  “Wait, you can’t..,” begins Sydney.

            “S’all right, I can now,” says Spencer. 

            “You can power it and ride it?” asks Abby.  “How?”

            “She was bound,” says Rylee.  “It’s a spell. I think that’s why Jo had my mom stab her before – to break the spell.  Jo is immortal after all, I think.”

            Abby snorts.  “Listen, are you sure?  I just think you should…”

            “I can’t,” says Spencer.  “I’m not ready.”

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