s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 123

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“Good night sweet girl, it was a pleasure to have known you” - JMG

             Jo pulls out the grappling crossbow that Finch had packed.  “You know, I’m starting to love Finch.”

             “Jo is falling for a man,” says Emma with a quirk in her voice.  “We don’t have much time,” says a serious Emma, taking her hand away from the train. 

             Jo sees the look in Emma’s eyes, knowing she’d seen something, “How bad is it?” asks a concerned Jo Wheaton.

             “We have ten minutes,” says Emma grabbing the rope that Jo has anchored to the still shaking train.  The fire from two compartments over is spreading quickly.  Emma clambered up the side of the train, just as some rescue workers finally made it to the scene.  “Maybe less,” says Emma ominously.

             “Merde,” says Jo.  Looks back at the workers, thinking that now they couldn’t use their powers at all either, not like mind reading or seeing the future is going to help.  “Double merde.”

Two Sides


You hide in the daylight

 In plain sight

 No one knows

 You truly dwell in the night

 A hunter

 A killer

 Taker of life

 Dawn comes around

 Every day

 Your two sides

 Night and Day

 You are the healer

 The protector

 Two sides of the same tarnished coin





 Your bipolar swing

 Keeps the world on its toes

 You dance around it all

 Unscathed by the knife

 How do you manage it

 To hide in the daylight

 In plain sight?


            Another explosion rocks the remainder of the train, sending the car that Sam and Daisy are in falling forward.  They can see the front of the car is gone, the opening revealing bright sunlight and the abyss of the now collapsed bridge.

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