s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 136

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Spencer is packing her guitar in her case, squinting in the early morning sun beaming down on the beach house.Sunlight doesn’t bother her as it does her mother, but she wears sunglasses on most days when outside, seeing the world in the array of colors as she does is wearing on a body.Harley is in the shower, and Shadow is in the fenced-in back yard, stretching and basking in the sun.She tugs her hair into a ponytail as her cell phone rings.

“You’ve just become a member of the obscene phone callers club,” teases Rylee on the other end of the line.

“What is obscene about you calling me this early?Other than you might have woken me up, which you didn’t, and what are you doing up so early?” asks Spencer an instant vision of Rylee in bed, naked and calling her to say good morning.

“Up so late is more like it, I was out all night,” admits Rylee sheepishly.Spencer simmers softly at the thought of her girlfriend out all night with god knew who.“Jealous much?”

“I’m not, jealous that is.I’m fine.You know you can go out when you want.I have a house guest,” says Spencer.“Harley, I found her on a bender, let her dry out here, jealous much?”

“If it was Daisy, I’d be calling Syd, to have her whisk me over there and I’d put a hurting on that girl,” says Rylee.Spencer smiles.Rylee is fierce, a hot temper that is punctuated by a hot body and it is one of her stronger assets.

“I’m not going to…”

“I know, I know, forewarned is forearmed, grasshopper,” sings Rylee.“I trust you.I do, or I wouldn’t be here, I’d be there, latched on your hip.”

“I’m glad you trust me. When are you coming home?” asks Spencer, missing her girlfriend.It is odd to think of her as her girlfriend sometimes since they were still best friends.Which is what they had started as, Rylee having a crush on Spencer.Spencer, who’d spent her life watching her mother bed blonde women all over the world, had never wonderedif she was gay or not, it hadn’t been something she’d registered.She hadn’t fallen in love with Rylee because she’s gay, but because she is Rylee.Strong, opinionated, cute, sexy and protective, but she let Spencer be herself and do things at her pace and not at anyone else’s.So why was it now she did have that odd pull towards Sydney?She sighs.

“Not sure yet, a few days.But I’m coming back in two weeks to watch some games with Dad.You can come if you want too,” offers Rylee, now undressed and getting ready to get into bed.

“To watch football?” asks Spencer, aghast at the thought.She sees Harley walking out of the bathroom and heading for the kitchen, more than likely wanting some food.Spencer turns and watches her walking, thinking that Harley looks slightly better now.

“Yeah, to watch football, you don’t like football?” asks Rylee, in a hurt voice.Rylee’s life revolves around sports and surfing she can’t understand how Spencer can’t like football.

“No, I’m not that dyk-a-fied, you can go, and I’ll stay here.Look, I’m gonna check on Harley, you get some sleep, please?” asks Spencer, wishing she could kiss Rylee to sleep.

“I’ll dream of you,” coos Rylee, hanging up the phone and leaving Spencer in thought about just where Rylee had been all night.

“I’m stealing some milk and some … Cheerios…,” says Harley shaking the box.“Thanks for last night, by the way.”

“Think nothing of it,” says Spencer, with a shrug.Play the hero, that is what her mother had always done, and now it is Spencer taking up that banner to fly.Jo is sidelined for a while since she was undercover.

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