s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 102

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            Darci checks Bev over and finds that she’s fine.  “All I can figure is she’s a latent power and it kick started the sphere.”

            Dathan stands guard at the door.  He is seething.  Darci can feel it. 

            “I’m fine, really,” says Bev.  Her mind already trying to figure out how she’s going to get back into that room, get the vial of blood and inject Jo with it.  What would Jo do to her?  Would she be angry?  Hell, she was sure she would be. 

            “Bev?” asks Jo.  She gently touches her cheek and Bev smiles at the gesture. 

            “I’m fine, just felt weird.”

            “I think we should head home,” says Jo quietly.  Bev nods all the while wondering how she’s going to get back into that room.







You destroy the temple of us with your venomous anger

You’re a hollow soul fed by your hate

You’re infectious state is leaching onto me

Creeping and crawling all over my alabaster skin

You rear back and blow it all away

One strike for no reason at all

You steal, rape and pillage all you want

Leaving a gaping hole inside of them

Breaking all you see, no one is safe

No matter where you run and hide, she’ll find you

The end is near, you’ve used my one weakness against me

Take it all, because you’ll never take me alive

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