s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 139

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s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 139


“Get this blindfold off!” growls Natalie.She lifts her head to see under the blindfold but she can’t see squat.Jayden is very good at what she does.

“I will duct tape your hands,” promises Jayden, leading her up another set of stairs.Then down onto the beach.She helps Natalie into the side-by-side ATV and threatens her with bodily harm if she touches anything but her lap.So Natalie’s hand reaches over and places her hand in Jayden’s lap, which only makes Jayden giggle.

Natalie tries to figure out where they are.She knows that Jayden used a homing rune to teleport them somewhere, so that meant it was somewhere she didn’t want to be followed too.The air is hot, not just warm, but a heat that makes Natalie want to get naked.She stretches her neck trying to see under the blindfold.

“Quit it!” threatens Jayden.


“I can show you pain.”

Natalie laughs.She leans back in the seat and tries to listen for some clue as to where they are.But nothing.It takes just a few minutes and they are at their destination because they come to a slow stop.

Jayden reaches over and unties the blindfold.It drops away and Natalie blinks to adjust to the light.The firelight, she thinks.Several torches are lit on the beach, leading to a blanket, which is covered in food, or so it seems.A bucket is there also, filled with ice and beer.

“What is going on?” asks Natalie.She turns to look at Jayden who is smiling.

“Welcome to Venus Island,” says Jayden.“This is what Jo calls her hut.”

Natalie turns to see where Jayden is pointing at.A small cabin is there, flickering lights coming through the window, more candles, thinks Natalie.

“I wanted to have a nice place where there are no phones, no distractions, just me and you.We don’t know everything about each other yet, we need a nice night of just – talking.”

“No sex?” asks Natalie in a mock tone of disappointment.

Jayden roars with laughter.“No, I didn’t say that.Come with me, come and lay down under the stars, come munch on some food and get to know me,” says Jayden.“I realized when all this eternal crap happened that we have met but we aren’t – in each other’s head?”

Natalie nods.

“I see how Jo is with Amy, they are fluid.We aren’t there yet, we’re still awkward and that takes time,” smiles Jayden.“I want to get to know you.”

Natalie reaches over and takes her hand, kissing the back of it.“Yeah, it does take time.”

“I’m Jayden Wheaton,” says Jayden, turning her hand and shaking Natalie’s.

Nat giggles.“I’m Nat Summers.”

“Nice to meet you, I have a whole bunch of food over there, Nat, want to come share it with me?”

“I would, but you can’t have any beer,” says Natalie.

Jayden narrows her eyes.

“You’re not twenty-one,” reminds Natalie with a laugh.

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