s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 140

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s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 140


Quinn goes through the many check points that she needs to before finally being brought to a small room on the main floor of what used to be a Kindred strong hold.Haven Island.One of the most secure fortresses that holds those that are hazards to society.The guard, a very imposing gypsy by the name of Connor with red hair brings Natasha Summers into the room.She’s unkempt, her dark blonde hair a wild mess, hacked short, but her stormy blue eyes are still sharp.

Quinn knows she cannot let her guard down, as this room does not have the enchantments that her cell has.Natasha is one of the most powerful witches ever to walk the earth.She needs only think of what she wants or needs and the spell comes to her: no books, no chanting, simple will, powers her needs.

“Ha!Oh it’s the redeemed one!” cackles Natasha.She tugs at her shackles to shuffle closer to her.

Quinn takes a breath; this was the name that Iesous had used for her.The one who redeemed herself for love and child who won the love of her god like father with her words and her show for love, not death.

“Hello Natasha,” says Quinn.She inclines her head to the chair and Natasha sits.“You may leave us.”

“Can’t do that,” says Connor. His hands flex at his side, his steely grey eyes lock on Natasha.

“You can,” says Quinn, “and you will.”

Natasha giggles.“Go, go, G-man.”She waves at him dismissively, the chain rattling ominously.

Connor hesitates, and then says, “I will be right outside, no funny business. Or I’ll taser you.”

Quinn lets her eyes follow Connor.The door closes lightly and she can feel his life force outside of the door.

“What do you want?” asks Natasha.“Mmmm?What can I give you?”

“I want to go to the alternate future where my daughter Jo is,” says Quinn.Going back and forth with Natasha Summers is a bad move.Instead, being forthright will be the only course of action that will get her attention.“I have a blood connection to Spencer, her body is of this existence and I can go there.I wish to go there.”

Summers stands, the shackles that she is wearing rattle threateningly.“What do I get? A few more hours in the sun?” she spits the last two words.

Quinn had been ready for this.It was a ruse, of course, but at this point, Quinn did not know if she would survive the jump to the other reality, much less the hunt she was proposing.“How about some freedom.Working for me when I come back?”

Quinn does have a job here, and it is that of a hunter for the police.She is what some call a psych hunter.She finds criminals.Her team is well known and feared.No one wants to be hunted by them, while crime is now lower, it still exists.

“A hunter?You want me to be a hunter?”

“Who better to hunt the hunter than a better hunter?” asks Quinn. “You will be bound, you will be under my supervision at all times. But you can be redeemed.”

“I am not a coupon,” says Natasha.She rattles the chains.“I am not an animal either.”

“No, you are not. You did, however, aid in the murder of millions of people,” says Quinn.“For each person you murdered you must help to save another until you are back on even ground.Help me.”

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