s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 156

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Now - the story - all I have to say is "Expect the unexpected, then if you're smart, expect something different," Jo Wheaton.


            “You have a call on line six,” says Margret one of the bullpen secretaries.  Emma thanks her and picks up the line.  She cradles the phone between her shoulder and ear, grabbing her iPad to take notes if she needs to. 

            “Hello, Agent Emma Scott, how can I help you?” asks Emma in her professional tone.

            “My name is Kaiser Valliencourt, I used to be a profiler for the bureau,” says the man at the other end of the line, a faint trace of an English accent drifts through the speaker.

            “I know who you are, Sir.  I went to your seminars before you retired,” says Emma.  She sits in her chair, shifting the phone from one ear to another.  “What can I do for you?”

            “Ah, well it is what I think I could do for you, “says Kaiser.  “You see I’ve been following your investigation of the same-sex killings.  In fact, three years ago I made note of it to another investigating team but they put me off.”

            Emma feels her breath catch.  Swiping the iPad’s screen, she taps his name and a few more notes.  Sean appears at her door and she waves him in, but presses a finger to her lips so that he is silent.  He closes the door behind him and takes a seat in front of her desk.  “I thought you had been retired for a while, Agent Valliencourt.”

            Sean’s eyes widen. 

            Emma nods.

            “Yes, I have.  I am not retired as much as unable to do my duties any longer.  I have severe post traumatic disorder.  I am no longer able to leave my home,” says Kaiser.  “This does not mean I do not consult on cases or keep up with the news. If anything, I am better informed now that I was when I was a profiler.”

            “I understand, Sir.  How can you help us in the same-sex murders?”

            Sean scoots closer to the phone, when Emma reaches to put the man on speaker, Sean shakes his head and places his hand on hers.  A trickle of a vision flashes through her mind.  She battens down the smile that brims on her lips.

            “I would like to meet with Agent Wheaton.  I have always wanted to meet her, and I have been fascinated with her career.  I am a fan of sorts.  Is there some way that could take place in the next week or so?  Or whenever she is available.  I have some theories.”

            Emma squints, trying to get a surge of something from the man on the other end of the line but she draws a blank.  “I will let her know, she won’t be in the office for the next two days, she made a trip abroad.”

            “At a crucial time as this?” he asks impertinently.

            Sean motions for Emma to keep talking. 

            “Her uncle has recently passed and she needed to get some of his affairs in order,” says Emma, lying smoothly. 

            “Ah, please extend my sympathies to her on her loss.  Of course, please have her contact me and we shall set up a trip to New York for her, as this is where I dwell.  Thank you, Agent Scott.”

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