s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 159

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A quiet little chapter leading up to.....  some drama and action :)


            The girls of s*t*a*r*s are silent as they pick at their pizza.  Spencer eats just the toppings, leaving the crust, while Rylee stares at her slice and takes random pepperonis and chews on them for an eternity.  Tegan, who is wolfing down each bite, reaches over and slides the crust from Spencer’s plate onto her own.  Abby cuts hers with a fork and eats slowly.  Sydney is the only one who isn’t eating.  She just sits there, elbows on the table, cupping her face. 

They are at the beach house, the parents still at the island, Jo and Amy in Maine, figuring out what to do about Darci, her walking baby, and the potential of having other types of eternals, or Nephilim, out there. 

            “This sucks!” announces Tegan, getting up from the table.  “They are cutting us out of this whole thing!  How is that fair?  We are the five, we are the chosen ones!  This is like fighting the end of the world without Buffy in Sunnydale, really!”

            “Yeah, but…,” begins Abby.

            “There is no but!” roars Tegan.  “Your mom could die and they aren’t letting us know what is going on!  I’m so tired of them treating us like kids.”

            “We are,” says Spencer, “kids that is.  Tegan, sit down.  Getting all pissed off isn’t going to change a damn thing.”

            “I don’t want to sit!” she snaps.  “I want to do something.  I’m tired of things happening and we react, what happened to being proactive and – and I don’t know – doing something?”

            Rylee’s eyes meet Spencer’s.  “She’s right,” says Rylee.  “We should be doing something.”

            “The Legacy,” says Sydney.  “They did say there was a vamp there, right?  This Kameron something or another?  Abby you did research on that, right? That the vamps aren’t really dangerous, they are like hybrids or something, they don’t kill and they are gay.  That sort of fits not deadly vampires that are gay.”

            Rylee snickers.

            “Ah man, we’re gonna get into trouble if we go…” begins Abby. 

            “We’re going to go see Eden,” says Rylee nonchalantly.  “We’re going to go ask her about the walking babies and we are going to – meet this Kameron chick.”

            They exchanged looks, back and forth until they are all smiling.  “Energize, Mr. Spock,” says Tegan, pointing to Sydney.

            “Spock never operated the transporter, that was Beam me up, Scotty,” corrects Sydney. 

            “That line was never uttered in the original series,” says Abby.  She shakes her head forlornly. 

            Spencer erupts into laughter.  “Oh my god, can we go now?”

            “Don’t forget to port my chair,” says Rylee, popping a wheelie and wiggling her eyebrows.

            “Energize,” whispers Sydney, and the yellow energy swirls around them and they are gone.



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