s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 88

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            Darci parks her car in the car port that the teachers use.  Abby had called her last night, upset about what Natalie had done by moving their best friend out of their room.  Darci knows that Natalie had to have a good reason for it, but she still wants to talk to Nat about it.

            “No matter what you say to her it will not change her mind, Darci Haim.”

            Darci jumps back from the shadows of the building.  “Who the…?”

            “I am Dathan, I did not mean to scare you,” he says with a smile.  He extends a hand and Darci warily takes it. 

            “Hello Dathan, nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you,” says Darci.  “I didn’t say I was going to try and change her mind, I do; however, think she should talk to the girls about what she did.  Talk to them and not dictate and rule.”

“As I have suggested she do.  She feels that she does not need to explain,” says Dathan falling into step with Darci.  Darci slips her hands into her pockets as they walk.  “I have observed that Natalie has issues with control.”

Darci lets out a blurt of laughter.  “Have ya now?”

“That is a rhetorical question, is it not?” he asks.  Dathan then smiles.  “Natalie has always felt guilt about how you and your group were separated.  Yet, I feel she repeats her mistakes without forethought.  She did not foresee Spencer trying to choke the life from her yesterday afternoon.  She also did not see the impromptu concert she threw last night coming.”

“I’m surprised she didn’t blast her through a wall,” snorts Darci.  “Where is she?”

“Teaching class,” says Dathan.  He opens the front door for Darci and she steps through and a few students rush by them, hollering their thanks.  “Slow down before you run someone over,” calls out Dathan.  “Dr. Hathaway is not here as of yet and I will see to it that if you require stitches I will make you look as hideous as possible, slow down!”

“Yes, Professor Dathan!” one of them calls back.

“Professor?” asks Darci.  She waits for the door to close and Dathan falls back into step with her.  “I didn’t know you taught here too, Dathan.”

“I do, I rarely take on the guise of teacher, or blend into society, but I considered it and I feel that being here for the five is more important that roaming the sands of Egypt.”

            “The five,” whispers Darci.  She drifts into thought, remembering when they were the five.  The bad-asses, well, Jo and Amy were bad-ass, she, Emma and Shelby were always behind on the power factor.  “Sorry.”

            “Please there is no need to apologize.  I find it reassuring that you have trepidations of what goes on.  Unlike Jo, Amy and the like they accept it fully, you question it,” says Dathan.  His long strides chew the distance between door and the classroom section of the school.

            “I’m glad you approve,” laughs Darci.  “So you’re Jo’s uncle?”

            “I am.”

            “An old uncle,” says Darci.  Abby had told her about Dathan, and Darci had put bits and pieces about who he was through some of the things they’d learned over the last few months.

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