s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 81

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School is back in session!  So that means back to Friday Only posts!  Sorry guys, that's just the way it is.  Enjoy the last ''bonus'' installment. 



            Jayden tries to hide her smile as they make their way to the tunnel that Hue, the short, four fingered alien has created for them.  “In you step,” he says to them.

            Hue talks oddly, Natalie has noticed.  She keeps thinking she is talking to Yoda. 

            “Natalie are you okay?” asks Jayden.  Natalie is green and walking oddly, as if drunk.  The walls of the room are a smooth white now, but they had been a kaleidoscope of yellows and blues for almost five minutes when they’d walked in.  Natalie had almost lost her breakfast.

            “No, no, not okay.  This place is very, very weird.”

            Weird it was, the tunnels they are walking through are not real tunnels, but instead it was a living entity, Hue’s partner, his very own soul mate, had created a tunnel that would shuttle them to a point where Hue said the girls were.

            “You get used to it,” says Jayden off handedly.  “Hue,” says Jayden, hugging him gently.  “Thank you.  Thank your love for us too, okay?”

            “Yes, will do so, I will,” says Hue. 

            Jayden takes Natalie’s hand and leads her to the tunnel.  “So, this is going to feel very weird….,” says Jayden.

            “Oh, really?”

            Jayden smiles, squeezing Natalie’s hand.  “Oh very really.”




            “You can do this, Lee,” says Spencer, she grits her teeth against the rancid pain that rides up her leg.  “He’s going to come back any minute and we have to…”

            “I KNOW!” yells Rylee.  She looks at Spencer.  Sydney’s belt is wrapped tightly around Spencer’s upper thigh to staunch off the blood.  Sydney is sitting behind Spencer, her arms encircling Spencer, holding her tight.  Spencer’s arms are crossed over her chest, Tegan has one hand and Abby the other. 

            A large rock is wedged under Spencer’s leg where Rylee will try and make the cut, to break the bone, to sever Spencer’s leg from her body.  “I don’t know if I can do this.”

            Spencer’s breath is labored, her eyes blazing so bright they cast their amber hue onto her cheeks.  “Do it, or goddamnt it, he’s gonna come back and I can’t fight him off.”

            Rylee swallows, takes aim and swings.




            The tunnel, if she could call it that, regurgitated them onto the forest floor, there was no liquid or anything of the sort, but Natalie felt as if she’d been chewed and spit out.  “That is so gross.”

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