s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 67

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            Natalie lands on the soft sand of Venus Island, almost half way around the world.  A second later, so does Jayden. 

            “I’m going to murder them,” yells Natalie.  She kicks the sand and growls.

            “God, that is sexy.  Come on, we’re close to the resort,” says Jayden.

            “Been here before?” asks Natalie.  She gets up, and starts to stomp away. 

            “A few times, we can stay?” asks Jayden.

            Natalie glances at Jayden and shakes her head.  She bends down and finds two rocks.  She taking a deep breath and casts a spell.  “They aren’t the only ones who can teleport.” 



            “Feral?” asks Tegan.  “What does that mean?  The whole amber eyed thing?”

            “She’s calming down, just – I think Nat might piss her off.”

            “Did you notice I teleported them without touching them?” ask Sydney. 

            Before anyone can say anything Spencer lets out a pained yell in the adjoining room.  Rylee leaves the door open and they all rush into the room.  Spencer darts into the bathroom and slams the door against them.

            “Spence?” says Rylee.  A shifty blue light pulses behind the closed door.

            Spencer feels the swell of something, it starts in her stomach and radiates outwards.  She closes her eyes and flashes of things – things she’s seen, things she’s felt. 

            Natalie hoisting her from her crib, speaking in broken Spanish, telling her she is anxious to move onto another language.  Natalie is younger than she is now, but her eyes are the same ocean storm as they are now. 

            Spencer grabs hold of the toiler, her strength rocks it to the right, snapping one of the bolts that holds it to the floor.  “Oh god.”

            The world shifts and explodes as Spencer starts to remember, starts to feel, starts to regain herself.  Flashes of Jo, of her grandfather, Sean, Jayden, of Dathan, of all the places she’s been, the languages, the things she’s learned.

            “Spencer!” calls out Tegan.  “Open that that door.”

            Abby grabs hold of the door and it flashes a bright orange and disintegrates in slow waves of powered.

            “Orange?” whispers Sydney.  She opens a portal and it flashes a darker yellow than before.  “What is going on?”

            “Abby, Rylee, stay here.  Don’t let her leave!” says Tegan.  “Sydney, library, stat.”

            They are gone in a blink and Tegan is in the library, running around grabbing books.  “The DarkHeart was a curse, a spell, it’s DNA based, and it can be transferred – once.”

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