s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 44

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The reaction :)  Since I have 30ish pages of stars6 done, I thought I'd give everyone a Thanksgiving treat :)


            A large fire blazes in the back yard.  Julie Reno is telling the tale of how Jo had helped her catch the man who had killed her son in a drive by.           

             Everyone turns to Jo, who says, “I caught him, they put him in jail.”

             “You did that?” asks Spencer softly from across the fire.


             “Stop jiving ya moms,” threatens Rylee.


            “You sound like Tegan when you talk like that,” says Spencer hotly. 

             “How do you two like Haven Island?” asks Bev, changing the subject.

             Spencer shrugs, her blue grey eyes watching the fire instead of looking at anyone in the yard.  A loner in a crowd, but Rylee, ever the social butterfly, much like her mother, answers, “Oh, it’s great.  Lots of classes, very cool location and if you like sharing a room with women who snore, it’s damn right awesome.”

             “Who snores?” asks Spencer quickly, giving Rylee a heated look.

             “You do,” snaps back Rylee.

             Everyone laughs, Rosita gets up and refills a few glasses with wine, and pauses at Julie, “I heard you are searching for a Hefler, is that true?”

             “I am,” replies the dark haired woman with beaming blue hazel eyes.  “I haven’t found the elusive Harlequin ‘Harley’ Hefler yet.”

             “Ebony Dawn Harley?” asks Rylee, reaching across Spencer for a marshmallow, popping it into her mouth.  Her arm brushing the quiet girl, Spencer doesn’t move, allowing the fleeting touch.

             “What’s an ebony dawn?” asks Rosita, Alysse is on the ground with her, legs on her lap while Rosita massages her feet.

             “A band, like, ok, you don’t listen to metal?  Crimminy, don’t tell me you only listen to Melissa Ethridge, no metal at all?” asks Rylee, rolling her luminous eyes. 

             “No!” replies everyone in unison, but Julie raises her hand and nods yes with enthusiasm.

             “I do, wait, Ebony Dawn, the band that lost the lead singer a few years ago?” asks Julie her mind working hard on all the Hefler research they’d done.

             Jo sits up, slipping her Blackberry from her roomy pockets, uncurling her fingers from around Bev’s and types with blazing speed. 

             “That’s them, I heard, a rumor mind you, that the lead singer/guitar player is Harley Hefler, but then she disappeared.  Guess she’s back, they are opening up for Evanescence in New York next week,” answers Rylee through a mouthful of marshmallow.  Spencer reaches over, wiping her chin and Rylee giggles.

             Jo looks up, seeing the gesture, jaw clenching for a moment then says nothing, typing some more, “Merde.”

             “What?” asks Bev.

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