s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 37

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            Danny and Matt have joined them in the private room after arriving at the club.  Trays of food cover every flat surface and every colorful drink that Abby has been able to order is there also.  They have been rotating in and out of the room, laughing, telling stories and getting to know one another. 

            “Danny, you said you had two gay brothers?” asks Spencer.  Typically, she’d never ask something like this but she really wanted to get to know Danny since he and Sydney seem more than serious.

            “Yup, so there is a ton of testosterone at my house during the holidays,” says Danny with a smile.  “Not all the testosterone likes football, but it’s all good.”

            Sydney shoots a look to Spencer.  Who rolls her eyes.  “Ah, so they have boyfriends.”

            “They live in Mass, they’re married.  One brother is talking about having kids,” smiles Danny.             He muses his dark red hair.  His blue eyes meet Spencer’s.  “How long you been out, both of you?”

            Rylee’s eyebrows shoot up.  “Out?”

            Danny leans forward.  “You know, the closet, Scott?  The whole school knows you two are together.  A few jabber mouths about it, but most don’t really care.”

            Spencer gets up and snatches a can of soda from another table.  Her leg no longer wobbles and she loves that she doesn’t limp anymore.  Tegan walks in, tugging a sweaty Matt along with her.  “Coming out is for people who want drama,” says Spencer.  “You are who you are and if you start announcing stuff, you’re only making yourself different, when all everyone wants to be is the same.”

            “That is the most I’ve ever heard you say, Spencer,” says Matt.  “I believe you are correct other than people judge and they judge you for being different.”

            Tegan and Spencer’s gazes meet.  Oh if only he knew, thinks Spencer.  Tegan looks at Matt, who is dressed in a blue-buttoned shirt and khaki pants.  “Where is the pocket protector?” she teases.  She rests her hands on his chest and he straightens at the touch.

            Matt blushes, the deep crimson rises to his cheeks.  “I had to leave it home as I wasn’t going to need it.”

            “Hopefully you didn’t leave your wallet at home,” mutters Tegan.

            “Coming?” asks Spencer to Rylee.

            “Really?” asks Rylee.

            Spencer walks backwards towards the door, wiggling her finger in a come-hither motion.  Rylee dashes towards her and they disappear.

            “They are too cute,” mutters Abby as she walks into the room. 

            “Let’s go back out there,” says Tegan.

            Matt raises an eyebrow and nods. 

            Everyone files back out of the room, leaving Abby behind.  She slips her hand into her pocket and finds some coins and makes them into dollar bills.  Licking her lips, she figures that she could go find some adventure of her own. 

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