s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 20

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Friday's posting!  Enjoy it :)


            “Nat,” says Mike hugging Natalie as she greets him at the door. 

            “She’s the first here, Lexie has her meds ready.  In case she’s not awake to take them,” says Natalie. 


            “I don’t know, yet,” says Natalie.  “I’ll take the fight to them when I find out.”

            “Don’t forget to tell me where the fight is,” says Darci from the door.  Abby walks in languishing steps behind her.

            “I wouldn’t think of it,” smiles Natalie.  “Let’s get them upstairs, maybe I can counter this spell.”


            “It’s happening again,” says Rylee, the silence is killing her but there is nothing to say until this plays out.

            This time the whiteness of the room fades to a large living room, where Amy Astin is sitting, staring across the room at Dylan Larkin, her husband.

            “I’m sorry, Larkin, but I want a divorce.”

            “No,” he says softly as if Amy had just asked for a puppy instead of a divorce. 

            “I’m divorcing you,” states Amy.

            “If you do…,” begins Larkin in a threatening tone.

            “What the hell is this?” blares the older Tegan Larkin.  She remembers this day vividly, but this hadn’t been part of the conversation she’d heard.

            “Your mom and dad aren’t split up,” says Rylee.

            “No, my mom told my dad that she never loved him…,” says Tegan.

            “That’s harsh,” says Sydney.

            “Larkin, I can divorce you, I’m old enough to get married and I’m old enough to get a divorce,” says Amy with a sarcastic roll of her eyes.

            “I’ll make sure you never see Tegan again,” he threatens.

            “What?” whispers Tegan, walking around her father, unseen.

            “You don’t have the balls,” says Amy making to walk out of the room.

            “I do, and I’ll drag up every single thing about you that I know.  Cheated on her lover in high school, with me, pregnant the day she graduated.  Wanted both worlds, Jo Wheaton and me.  But I won, didn’t I?”

            “You were never this big a bastard in high school,” says Amy.  “Tegan will never believe the things you say about me.”

            “She will, you know she will.  I’m the one who raised her, she’s my daughter, my little girl.  To you, she’s a jumping point to a campaign.”

            “Fuck you,” says Amy, slapping him so hard that he flies back into the chair he is standing next too.  “I never loved you the way I loved Jo because you weren’t Jo.  You were a sperm donor!  You were a means to an end and if Jo hadn’t left, I’d still be with Jo, we’d have raised Tegan.”

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