s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 63

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            “Nina…,” moans Bev from across the room, turning to her side, struggling to get up.  Coughing, grabbing at her side, feeling like someone has kicked her a million times and that every rib is broken.  Shaun looks at Bev, then back to Nina, not saying anything.

            Jo moves towards the kitchen without anyone spotting her, instantly wanting to find a way out of the café.  Flames lap at the back outer wall of the kitchen, the wait staff seems to have gotten out before the fire had started.  The back wall has fallen from the structural damage.  Jo coughs, grabbing her stomach, spitting up a large amount of blood.  Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she looks up and sees her reflection in a broken mirror, her eyes bright blue, “What the fuck?” asks Jo to herself her whole body shivering as she crashes to the floor on her knees.  A few days earlier, Jo had made a decision and part of that had meant she needed to be human for a while.  She’d used the same blade of Artemis that rendered her human when she’d given birth to Spencer.  Now, she was human.  No vampire Jo.  She kneels there and waits for the wave of nausea to pass.

            “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” says Alysse from besides Bev, on her knees, assessing the damage.  Bev stands, putting an arm around a shaken Alysse, hugging her quickly, seeing Joss standing up, and looks around with intent eyes.

            “Jo!” yells Emma, who had been thrown towards the side door that is now blocked.  No answer, “Jo, gods damn it, where the…”

            “Where is she?” asks Bev, seeing Helen and Harley getting up.  Harley’s face is covered in blood, a huge gash over her eye is open and spurting blood.  Putting her hand to it, Harley winces, Helen tears a piece of her shirt off and presses it to the wound.

            “Sami?” says Izzy, her eyes creeping open, making a face, her whole body ached.  Sitting up and looks around, having seen things like this before, but never having been a part of it.  Taking a mental inventory of herself and finding that she just hurt, but nothing is hurt.

“Head count,” shouted Sam Vance, taking command easily, Shaun takes her hand, and Sam grins.  “Alysse, Lara, Camilla, Shaun, me, Bev, Nina, Helen, Harley, Joss…”

            “Where is Jo?” asks Emma again, stripping off her jacket, the dust clinging to the black fabric.  Jo is fragile right now, and who knows what sort of shape she is in.

            “Better yet, what the fuck is that?” asks Camilla, pointing to what used to be, the front of cafe.

            A hulking portion of what had once been an aircraft has taken out the front half of cafe, blocking off the exit to the front street.  Emma turns, looks at the kitchen exit, seeing soft flames licking up the door, “Everyone, move away from the kitchen….”

            “That’s our way out,” says Lara loudly.

            “No, no it isn’t….,” says Shaun.  “Fire.”

            “Come on,” says Sam to Izzy, hoisting her up to her feet.

            “This is insane, there is a PLANE that crashed into the building!” bellows Izzy.  “I mean, we have ferry boats that crash in Seattle, but this?  Seriously?”

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