s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 41

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            Emma plops down next to Mario.  He is watching a tape of a high school football game.  “Anyone good?”

            “Yeah, the right tackle?  He’s pretty good,” says Mario he pulls his gaze away from the TV.  “How as your day dear?”

            “Tired.  I’m not sure but I think having a desk job here is more tiring then going after serial killers,” admits Emma.

            “So,” says Mario, swinging his arm around his wife, “why don’t you go back to doing that?  You know there is no reason not too.”

            “There is the not seeing you for weeks at a time,” says Emma.  She kisses him lightly.  Mario understands her so fully, he knows she can’t sit by and watch the evil in the world go by unchecked. 

            “Babe, you hate this damn assignment, do it.  I’ll always be here,” smiles Mario.  “Anyway, you being miserable is the worst thing I’ve ever had to put up with.  We had sex more when you were on the road.”

            Emma’s mouth opens wide in astonishment and she playfully slaps his arm.  “You are a beast, jack ass.”

            Mario laughs and rewinds the scene he was watching.  “I am, but I’m telling the truth.  Go be a demon hunter, just not like Jo, just go get the bad guys, will you, hun?”

            “You are the perfect man, Mario Scott.”

            “I know,” he agrees.

            “I talked to Rylee today,” says Emma.  “She asked me what your power was.”

            “Really, did she now?  Did you tell her?”

            “That you have that intuition?  Just like I see visions you just know what choice is better than the other?  I tried to explain to her but she got frustrated and told me that it was already what she was doing.”

            Mario kisses Emma.  “Why is she asking about what I can do?  My powers are dormant.”

            “I think they are just curious,” says Emma.  “So about that sex thing?” teases Emma.  She inclines her head towards the bedroom.



            “Have I ever told you the best wife I’ve ever had?” asks Mario as he follows his wife towards the back of the house.

            “I’m the only wife you’ve ever had!”

            “Oh, right.”

            “Come on, hubby of mine,” coos Emma.

            “Oh, I’m coming.”




            Amy looks over the papers and sighs.  “We can’t split custody of Tegan, Dylan.”

            “Why not?” asks Dylan.

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