s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 119

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We can't let 500,000+ reads go uncelebrated, can we?  No, I guess we can't.  That wouldn't be right, would it?  We've been to the ER several times this week, my wife's not feeling all that well, my school work has taken not just a back burner, but isn't even on the stove.  I have, however, written a bit, its the only way to gt to sleep at night.  So I have six chapters left written.  Cross your fingers that the next two weeks are GOOD ones.  Sound out, sound off, the sound of your comments are the only payment a wattpad writer gets :)  Rock on, dot com


            Darci has healed Jon and the remainder of Natalie’s wounds.  Lexie and Eric are overseeing the evacuation of the island, the official word is that there had been an earthquake.  School is out: indefinitely.  The damage to the school is significant, and Natalie is taking it hard, like she’s lost a child.  Yet, she can’t begin to even think about rebuilding until this is taken care of.  Instead she’d left it to Lexie and Eric to deal with. 

             Sean’s living room is teaming with bodies, he doesn’t remember having this many people here at once.  Jo, Amy, Darci, Emma and Shelby sit to one side of the room, with Dathan, Mario and Mike with them.  Natalie and Jayden have established themselves with Spencer, Tegan, Abby, Rylee and Sydney.  Jon, Laura and Sean round out the people in the room.   It’s like they have formed their own little groups, J*A*D*E*S, s*t*a*r*s, and the people who circle their lives now circle them. 

          Jo sits close to Amy, Sean observes, like they used to before they started sleeping together some twenty years before.  Oh, how he wishes for that time back, when they could have simply loved one another.  On the flip side, Rylee and Spencer are holding hand, whispering, so close that they almost merge together as one.  Mike holds Shelby close.  Then he watches Jayden.  Her wounds are healed, and she’s shifted back to her normal, everyday self.  She looks like Kate but he sees glimmers of himself in her too.  The other thing he sees, and he isn’t sure if anyone else does, is that she and Natalie are close.   

             Not just sitting close, but there is something between them, a spark.  He was willing to bet that Natalie was bedding his just nineteen year old daughter.  He rubs his temples with the pads of his index fingers.  Eternal blood lines find soul mates, Dathan said as much.  Sean has known about Jayden being part eternal since she’d come back into his life.  Jayden didn’t hide anything from Sean, she told him everything, he in turn, kept what she told him private.  The one thing he could say about Jayden was this: she didn’t keep secrets from her old man.  He calls the room to attention.

             “This is what I propose,” begins Sean.  “I know I’m not the paranormal investigator that you all are, but, I am an FBI agent and I know how to investigate.  So I have a plan, and if you all want to hear it, listen up.”

             He looks over to Jo, who smiles and waves for him to continue.  Emma seems to grin slightly, she has almost as many years on the job as he does, since he stopped being an FBI agent when Jo left. 

             “We need teams.  Three research teams so we can start figuring out what to do about Eden, Iesous and getting Abigail, Tegan and Sydney back in one piece.  Spencer, Dathan and Natalie should each head up a team, in different locations,” says Sean.  “You each speak and read the languages that most of the journals and other research materials are written in.  We also need watch teams, those three doppelgangers will be out there and I’m willing to bet they aren’t going to stay quiet for long.”

             “What makes you think that, Dad?” asks Jayden.  She thinks he’s right but she does want to hear Sean’s take on it.

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