s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 164

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            Dathan stretches and reaches over and places his hand on Darci’s growing belly.  He feels the shift of a body there, feet, fingers, hands.  The pregnancy isn’t progressing anything like Eden’s, which frightens him.  He rolls over onto his side and can see Darci smiling in the moonlit room.  “You are laughing at me, are you not?”

            “I am,” says Darci with a giggle.  “I’m feeling fine, Dathan.  We will figure this all out and I can promise you that my friends will not let me die.”

            “I say we ask Rylee and Spencer for the bonding rings,” says Dathan.


            “I love you,” whispers Darci.  She kisses his perfect lips.  “Do you think he’ll look like you?”

            “He?” asks Dathan.

            “It’s a he,” smiles Darci. 

            “I hope he has your intelligence and savvy,” says Dathan.

            “I hope he has your physical strength, but I’m hoping he waits on the fangs,” giggles Darci.  “I’m not scared.  It’s going to work out.”

            “I am.”

            “You’ve only been around us for a short while, trust me when I say that we don’t give up,” whispers Darci. She kisses him again, this time a little more forcefully.  “Have I told you how aroused I usually am when I’m pregnant?” 

            Dathan’s eyebrows arch up.  “Are you now?”

            “Let me show you,” says Darci, her fingers edge past his shirt and find his flesh.

            Dathan smiles.  “Oh, please do.”



            Sydney sits down at the 24-hour diner, orders steak and eggs, and glances at her watch.  It’s 6am. That means its 3am in California.  She fishes into her pocket and turns her phone on, figuring its safe now and no one will be calling. 

            She sees several voicemails and texts from everyone.  She scrolls down and reads the texts.  Her mother and father asking where she was, Amy has sent her a message too but when she reads the message it’s Tegan, Spencer has fried her phone.  Sydney wonders why on earth Tegan lets Spencer anywhere near her phone to begin with.  The last message is from Rylee.  Sydney rolls her thumb over the trackball of the Blackberry.  The waitress comes with a refill for her coffee and Sydney thanks her. 

            Sighing, she clicks the message open. 

            You can have Spencer.  It’s over.



            Sydney materializes outside of a huge mansion.  Lights are lit on the third floor and she teleports there, right into Daisy’s room.  “What the hell is going on?  I can’t leave for a few hours, really, Rylee?” snaps Sydney. 

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