s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 71

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We hit 300!  So that means a post, right?  Enjoy, sound out..... thoughts? Where do you think this is going?



            Spencer rams into Sydney when she steps out of her time disc, her backpack goes askew on her back and she tries to snatch it before it hits the ground or hits Sydney.  “HEY!” snaps Sydney. 

            Spencer rights herself before she topples over onto the ground.  She looks around at all the green.  Lots of it.  Spencer blinks her eyesight not adjusting very well to the odd way the light is coming through the trees.  She fumbles for her backpack, digs around, and comes up with a pair of sunglasses.  “Better.”

            “It’s not that bright,” says Rylee.  She smirks and watches Spencer turn in a tight circle looking the place over with a careful eye.

            “The light is different,” says Spencer.  “I think it’s the way it comes through the trees or something.”

            Tegan stands still, looking at the mountain.  “That’s a damn pretty mountain, it’s almost purple, isn’t it?”

            “Sort of, the snow only melts in late April usually, that’s why I wanted to come in September, so we can hit Knife Edge,’ says Abby.  “And no mosquitoes in September.”  She takes out her plastic covered map.

            “Knife Edge?” asks Sydney.  She bends to tie her boot.  “Really, that’s what it’s named?”

            Abby rolls her eyes.  “It’s not that bad or so I’ve read.  Our campsite is five miles from here, at the base of the mountain, near the base of the mountain.  I made the reservation and it’s here.”  She points to the location on her map.

            Tegan snorts.  “Five miles that’s like an hour?”

            “Two, sister dear,” says Spencer.  “At the very least, depending on how fast we move.  And, frankly, I am so glad I have two good legs.”

            “They are nice legs,” says Rylee offhandedly.    Spencer smiles, adjusts her bag and gives Sydney a quick glance.  “Syd, you okay?”

            Sydney nods.  “I feel funny.  It’s okay, must be teleporting in another way other than my own power.”

            “That could be it,” says Tegan.  “I like it, I don’t puke.”

            “That is weird that you vomit when we uses Sydney’s railway of teleportation, yet we use marble avenue and you just walk away with no ill effects,” says Abby.  “That’s something we have to investigate.”

            “She was bound,” says Rylee absently starting to walk in the direction that Abby pointed in. 

            “What?” asks Tegan.

            “Well, we didn’t have our powers when we landed in the alternate reality, and we didn’t have our powers here.  So, that’s the common factor,” says Rylee.

            Abby falls in behind Rylee, everyone musing on this fact, they settle into a steady pace and don’t speak as they walk.

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