s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 151

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            Spencer wakes up on Sunday morning to find her cell phone trilling on the small table by the bed.  She reaches over, rubbing her eyes and reading the number that is calling.  “Bonjour.”

            “No amount of French is going to make me swoon,” says Abby at the other end.

            Spencer smiles as she pulls the sheet up around her naked form and says into the phone. “You going to Atmosphere today with us?”

            “Yeah, listen can I run something by you?”

            “Sure,” she yanks the top blanket off the bed, not disturbing Sydney and walks outside so that she doesn’t wake her. 

            “Liam and I were talking,” says Abby.  “Did you know he loves history?  And, in part, loves the history of the Bible.  He offered to help with some research and he’s good.”

            “Okay,” says Spencer not sure where this is going.  Seems Abby and Liam were getting serious.

            “Track me here, okay?” says Abby.  “Iesous was a god, not the god but a god, right?”

            “Yes, I think that’s rather established already.  He came of gods, that’s what he said, or at least that’s what Judas has told us.”

            “In modern folklore there is no mention, anywhere, of anyone eternal like what Dathan or Eden or you are, right?”

            “Right again.  Like they are hidden from history, more than likely they, the eternals, did this on purpose.”

            “There is, however, mention in the Bible of beings that might live for a long time, in modern folklore,” says Abby.  Her voice sound frantic almost. 

            “Abby, slow down, breath.  Who are these beings you are talking about?”

            “Have you ever heard of Nephilim?” asks Abby.

            Spencer squints into the gloom of the morning.  Thinking of her history lessons, and of all the time she’d spent everywhere in the world.  “Yeah, aren’t they half-human and half-angel?  Damn erratic in behavior if I remember right, bringers of chaos, right?”

            “Technically.  In some translations of the scripture, in the older languages, it translates to children of god, as in offspring,” says Abby.  “Everyone has always assumed it meant figuratively what if it’s literal?  A child of a god, a child of Judas and a child of Iesous?”

            Spencer feels a flush wash over her.  She sits on the steps of the small porch.  “Dathan?”

            “I think so!  And Eden and all the other twins.  You know that twins are a big deal in Greek mythology, right?”

            Spencer swallows hard.  “Yeah, I know.”

            “I don’t know what that makes you but you’d still be a descendent of well a god so you’d still be part Nephilim.  Can you come to the island when the party is done?  I’ll ask Nat if it’s okay.  I can’t read all the old translations,” says Abby.  “And the translator is great but, I’d rather do this with you.”

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